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Last Updated: Monday July 24 2006 12:22 GMT

Book up now for a 19m spacewalk!

An out-of-this-world holiday in space - with the option of doing a cosmic walk, is being offered by a space company.

Space Adventures say the flight will cost 11 million and the stroll an extra 8m.

Space tourists would get 90 minutes walking around the International Space Station (ISS) with a trained astronaut.

Although no one has signed up for the terrific trek yet, the company says it has a "number of potential clients" who could blast off in 2007 or 2008.

The trip to space would last 10 days or about 18 if you want to do the spacewalk, which requires extra training.

Space walk stats
Astronaut waves on a space walk
Only about 200 people have walked in space
Most spacewalk have been to perform technical chores
Spacewalkers have to wear bulky suits to keep them alive
The special suits cost 6.5m each
The company has sent three people on trips to space. In 2001, American Dennis Tito was the first space tourist. He was followed by South African Mark Shuttleworth the year after and American Greg Olsen last year.

A Japanese businessman is currently training for his space trip, due to take off in September.

Space Adventures boss Eric Anderson said the spacewalk would be an amazing experience: "One and a half hours is about one orbit of the Earth so they'd see the entire planet.

"They'd experience complete day-time and night-time and watch the planet in its beauty and splendour."

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