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Last Updated: Monday July 24 2006 06:41 GMT

Search for peace in Middle East

A woman cries after her Beirut home was bombed by Israel

It's hoped that an important American politician's arrival in the Middle East will help stop the violence between Israel and Lebanon.

US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says there's an urgent need to work out a long-term way to end the fighting, which has been going on for two weeks.

At least 362 Lebanese and 37 Israelis - many of them civilians - have died.

The violence was triggered when armed group Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers.

Hezbollah, which also takes part in politics in Lebanon, wanted to exchange the soldiers for prisoners they want returned from Israel.

Israel and Lebanon are old enemies.

About 20 years ago, they clashed over the land that joins them.

Thousands of people lost their lives and many were forced to leave their homes.

Map of the area

Earlier on Sunday Israel attacked a town called Sidon near the coast.

A mosque was destroyed in one strike. Israel said the mosque was a meeting place for members of Hezbollah, local doctors insisted it was just "a place for prayers".