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Last Updated: Sunday July 23 2006 17:52 GMT

UN calls Beirut damage 'horrible'

The entrance of Hezbollah headquarters in Beirut

An important United Nations official in Lebanon has described the damage in the capital city of Beirut as "horrible".

Jan Egeland is the UN's head of emergency relief and said Israel's attacks on the city break "international humanitarian law".

Israel has been attacking Lebanon for 12 days, after an armed group called Hezbollah seized two Israeli soldiers.

Hezbollah has also been firing rockets, killing two people and injuring more in the Israeli city of Haifa.

On Sunday a member of Hezbollah said they wouldn't release the captured soldiers unless Israel agrees to release some prisoners it is holding.

Israel and Lebanon

Earlier on Sunday Israel attacked a town called Sidon near the coast.

A mosque was destroyed in one strike. Israel said the mosque was a meeting place for members of Hezbollah, local doctors insisted it was just "a place for prayers".

At least 364 Lebanese have been killed in the 12 days of violence, many of them civilians, and protests against the Israeli attacks have been held in cities around the world.

At least 36 Israelis have been killed, including 17 civilians killed by rockets fired by Hezbollah into Israel.