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Last Updated: Tuesday July 18 2006 14:04 GMT

Are you doing anything for Sport Relief?

Sport Relief logo
Sport Relief is back on Saturday and it's even bigger than ever!

The event aims to raise money to help poor children in the UK and across the world.

Comedian David Walliams has already done his bit by swimming all the way from England to France.

And Sportround presenters Lizzie, Jake and Adam will be running in a special 4x400m relay race in Manchester on Saturday!

But are you doing anything for Sport Relief?

Perhaps you'll be taking part in one of the mile races?

Or maybe your school has organised an event to help raise some money?

Or will you just be watching the Sport Relief show on TV?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

Sports Relief is so fun and cool as you raise money for good causes. It's great to have fun and to help people in the same time!
Emma, 9, Hayes

I did the mile at school in a PE lesson. I found it quite tiring as I have asthma but I completed it.
Alex, 13, Maldon

Our school did theirs on Monday. I ran it and I was surprised at how many people took part. I thought it showed how much people cared!
Abbie, 13, Harpenden

Me and my neighbours in our street ran the mile and we raised 234.61!
Scott, 10, Mold

I think Sport Relief is really good and I love watching people do something for others. I sent some money in!
Pip, 11, Bristol

My whole school ran the mile. It was an exhausting eight laps around the school field! I have also done three miles on my dad's exercise bike!
Abigail, 10, Torquay

On Saturday I ran a mile for sport relief. It was brilliant and everyone was really supportive - plus, I raised loads of money for a really good cause.
Mary, 12, Chester

I sponsored David Walliams and I also ran the mile wearing a bin.
Tom, 14, London

I think Sport Relief is a good thing because in one way you have fun and in another way your raising money!
Georgie, 7, Birmingham

I ran a mile in school during a PE lesson. The whole school took part and I raised over thirty four pounds!!!

Maisie, 12, Warrington

I think Sport Relief is a good thing because in one way you have fun and in another way you're raising money
Georgia, 7, Birmingham

I ran the mile with my sister on my birthday to help raise monies for others. It was brilliant!
Lewis, 8, Leicester

Our school did theirs on Monday. I ran it and I was surprised at how many people took part. I thought it showed how much people cared.
Abbie, 13, Harpenden

I completed an assault course. It was 34 metres so I had to go around it 48 times. I really did enjoy myself. Well done everyone else who has done the mile.
Caity, 14, Derby

Me and my brother are doing it in our garden.
Charlotte, 10, Seaford

I'm walking a mile with my year dressed as a faerie! It should be very fun.
Hannah, 13, Reading

I'm hoping to ride a mile around Keighley on Sunday on my pony, Star. We have loads of sponsors so far!
Maddy, 12, Keighley

My school is organising a dance-a-thon on Monday. Hopefully it will be fun and we'll be raising money.
Melissa, 13, Stratford

I am horse riding the mile on my horse jess! This is only last minute as I have a really bad cold but I am still going to do it!!! I am also running the mile at my school on Tuesday. Good Luck to every one who is doing the mile!!
Matilda, 12, Essex

My whole school walked a mile in a big long line.
Sonny, 9, Wapping

I'm doing my mile in Leeds with my dad, my sister aged 6 and my brother 8 months! Good luck to everyone doing their mile!!
Kayleigh, 12, Harrogate

Me and some of my mates are going to be ice-skating a mile. we managed to work out how far it was round our ice rink then we worked out how many times to go round it. were pinning our red socks on our trousers
Kirstie, 12, Leighton Buzzard

I did the Fun Run on the 14th of July at my school. I got red socks too! I wore my Sport Relief t-shirt with Roger the Mascot on the back of my t-shirt for good luck!
Kali, 11, Newport

I've just finished the mile. Me and my friend did it one legged and completed it in 15 minutes.
Emma, 12, Warrington

I'm doing the mile with my mum, we're going to give some of the proceeds from the school fair as well, and I sponsored David when he swam the English Channel!
Roch, 14, Birmingham

I'm going running around the big park with my mum and my friend Emily!
Bhavisha, 12, London

Me and my friends did a sponsored run. We did all kinds of styles of getting round the track like piggy backs, frog leaps and wheel barrow races. We really enjoyed it and it was for a good cause!
Kayne, 12, Chislehurst

Today our school did a sponsored walk around our field. Our field is about one Kilometre, and I went round it Seven times!! Year seven, eight and nine did it too, so we've raised loads of money!
Becca, 12, Milton

I'm going to be running a mile and holding a competition for my part in Sport Relief!
Keelan, 12, Edmunds

Today the whole school had to run around the 400m track for one hour. I went round 23 times!
Charlotte, 14, Kent

We had our mile run today and I ran 3 miles. I had loads of fun!
Shruti, 12, Kingsbury

Me and my dad are swimming a whole mile at our local swimming pool!
Alex, 11, Lincoln

I'm doing the mile with all my mates from school around our local park.
Gareth, 12, Cardiff

I'm doing the mile with my dad and I want to beat him again!
Sam, 12, Burton upon Trent

My brother's school are running the mile so I've sponsored him.
Zahra, 14, London

Me and my mates are going to be running the mile wearing our Sport Relief red sock tomorrow. I can't wait!
Ed, 11,Glasgow

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