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Last Updated: Saturday July 15 2006 09:08 GMT

Why I love playing cricket

Cricket is a great summer sport and here Press Packer Ed tells us why he enjoys playing it.

"I've been playing cricket since I was seven.

Lots of people think that cricket is really complicated - but the basics are simple.

Hitting hard

Two teams take turn to bat or field.

When you're batting you have to score as many runs as you can by hitting the ball and running between stumps.

If you hit the ball so hard and it goes over boundary without hitting the ground then you automatically score six runs.

If the ball hits the ground before it gets to the boundary, then you score four runs.

Team game

Ed ready to bat
Ed ready to bat
When my team is fielding we have to try and get the other team out by bowling the ball and hitting the stumps.

A batsman can also be caught out and when a batsman seems to be out the fielding teams has to ask the umpire "Howzat"!

What I love about cricket is that it's a team game it's not just about an individual."

Ed, 11, Bedfordshire

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