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Last Updated: Monday July 17 2006 15:13 GMT

Alex Pettyfer on playing Alex Rider

Alex Pettyfer
Alex Pettyfer
Teenage actor Alex Pettyfer is about to make his feature film debut in Stormbreaker.

Based on Anthony Horowitz's best-selling book of the same name, the movie tracks the trials of 14-year-old super-spy Alex Rider.

Former child model Alex, who also starred in TV's Tom Brown's Schooldays, beat 500 hopefuls to play the young adventurer.

Newround's Leigh Mytton asked Alex how he was feeling about breaking into the big time.

How do you feel about playing Alex?
It's a great opportunity I've been given. Every kid dreams of playing a role like this. I picked up the script and I thought 'I want to play him'. He's got every quality that I like and I want to be him!

Alex Rider does lots of stunts - how did you cope with that?
At school, I was an all-round sportsman. I did as much as I could, but I can't do some of the stuff that Alex Rider can! But I was surprised - I did more than I thought I would be able to do.

There's an amazing horse riding scene in central London - what was it like doing that?
Anthony didn't want me to learn horse riding - that's the one quality that Alex Rider doesn't have. But it's a fantastic scene - with the Queen's Cavalry behind us and a group of horses galloping down Piccadilly.

What was the audition process like?
All auditions are nerve-wracking. The worst part is going through the stages and getting more excited. The story-line is mind-blowing and fantastic.

Were you a fan of the Alex Rider books?
By the time I went to read the third book, I was auditioning and I had to go back and read Stormbreaker again.

I always had Alex Rider in mind. Everyone has Alex Rider in them - whether you are 15 or 40!

It is the character that draws you into the film. I'd love to get another opportunity to play him.

What was it like working with a cast of great actors including Bill Nighy and Mickey Rourke?

Bill Nighy
Bill Nighy

It does blow your mind. They are so normal and you just treat them as they treat you. Their brought me into their own world of acting. They taught me a lot.

Bill Nighy taught me the funny side of acting and Mickey Rourke is a great method actor. People pay to learn about acting, but it was all there in front of me. I also asked about the cameras, the direction and the lighting. It was all a learning curve.

What are your plans for the future?
Take life as it comes. I'm having a great time now and I wouldn't change anything. I'll just wait and see what opportunities come along.

As long as my career's going well, I'll stick at what I'm doing!

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