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Last Updated: Thursday July 13 2006 19:33 GMT

Israeli city hit by rocket attack

Lebanese soldiers walking through rubble

There has been a rocket attack on the Israeli city of Haifa.

It comes hours after a threat by Lebanese armed group Hezbollah to attack the city, but the group has denied firing any rockets.

Israel has carried out a series of attacks on Lebanon after Hezbollah captured two of its soldiers .

Meanwhile, ministers in Lebanon have asked for a ceasefire with Israel and several world leaders have called for an end to the violence.

Israeli warships have blocked Lebanese ports, and its international airport was closed after Israeli bombing.

Map of the area near Lebanon and Israel

Hezbollah has said the soldiers will not be returned unless certain Palestinian, Lebanese and other Arab prisoners held in Israeli jails are released.

Israel is already involved in a military operation in the Gaza Strip after another one of its soldiers was seized by a Palestinian group last month.

In Lebanon, Hezbollah is a political and armed group which has a place in government and represents the country's Shia Muslims.

Israel and Lebanon are old enemies.

About 20 years ago, they clashed over the land that joins them.

Thousands of people lost their lives and many were forced to leave their homes.