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Last Updated: Monday September 11 2006 14:20 GMT

Game review: Big Brain Academy

Big Brain Academy




Nintendo DS


One - Eight

The Plot

If gaming isn't usually your thing then Big Brain Academy could be just what you need.

Rather than racing cars or killing baddies the aim of the game is to improve the weight of your brain. Using mini tests they tell you how much your brain weighs and the idea is that with practise it gets bigger and bigger.

The tests aren't really tests just short games you play such as matching pairs, remembering sounds or learning patterns.

There are 5 different categories, Analyse, Think, Memorize, Compute and Identify and you can see where your strengths' lie.


It would be nice if the professor actually talked to you and more was made of the sound function.

And it would be better if in the money game the coins were actually British rather than American dollars.

Hit or miss?

Some of the instructions about how to play the game aren't very clear and you learn the rules as you go along, which is OK but doesn't help your brain score.

And it's great if you get told you have the brain weight of the famous artist Michelangelo!

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Your comments

I bought this game and I didn't think I would like it, but I really do now! The game is so much fun and I love the challenges!
Scott, 11, Clacton

I think this game is really good. It does really make your brain work hard. Also playing with a mate on wireless is really great!
Amy, 13, Kettering

I got the game for my birthday in July and haven't put it down since! I think it is really good.
Charlie, 14, Brighton

I think this game is good fun. It's well made, entertaining and sometimes humorous!
Layla, 10, Milton Keynes

This is an excellent game and I recommend it to anyone young and old!
Jordan, 12, Swindon

This game is fantastic! It's way better than the stern Brain Training. Also, it doesn't use American dollars for the coin counting challenge!
Henry, 13, Hitchin

I think this game is very good as it really tests you and helps you improve your cleverness, which is the most important bit, right? I don't think there are many weak parts, although to I think the English version of the game should have British pounds.
Kelsi, 10, Brighton

I thought the challenges were too easy!
Charlotte, 12, Peterborough

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