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Last Updated: Tuesday July 11 2006 15:36 GMT

UK will still use nuclear power

Nuclear symbol

We'll still be using nuclear power stations to make electricity in future, as the government said old stations could be replaced with new ones.

Government minister Alistair Darling said we need a mix of power sources to cope with our growing energy needs.

But some people are against nuclear power, as they say it's dangerous and produces poisonous waste.

The government also called for us to use more renewable energy sources, like wind, wave and solar power.

Britain has set itself a target of cutting the amount of carbon dioxide it produces in things like making electricity by 60% by the year 2050.

Carbon dioxide helps to warm the planet, which leads to climate change.

Nuclear power stations produce only a small amount of carbon dioxide.

The government also called for measures to encourage people to save energy themselves.