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Last Updated: Sunday July 09 2006 15:24 GMT

Discovery pair complete spacewalk

There they go!        Picture: Nasa
Astronauts from the Discovery shuttle have carried out a spacewalk to make repairs to the International Space Station (ISS).

British-born Piers Sellers and his colleague Mike Fossum were out and about for three and half hours.

Piers, who did a previous spacewalk in 2002, said he felt like "a bug on the end of a fishing rod".

Discovery blasted off from the US's Kennedy Space Center on Tuesday, docking at the ISS two days later.

As the two astronauts prepared to step out into space, headquarters told them: "Enjoy the view, gentlemen!"

The spacewalk - Mike's first - was the first of three planned for the mission.

The pair had practised for it using virtual reality technology and by going to the US's Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory - a giant swimming pool adapted to imitate the weightless conditions of space.

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