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Last Updated: Thursday July 13 2006 08:50 GMT

Your verdict on series two of Doctor Who

Doctor Who and Rose
Sadly, the end has come for the latest series of Dr Who.

It's one of the most popular TV shows in the BBC's history and, like last year, it was ending with a two-part story.

But this time the focus was on Rose and her departure from the smash hit sci-fi show.

But what did you think of the finale?

Did it end as you expected it to or are you disappointed about the way Rose had to go?

Maybe you've enjoyed this series more than the last?

And what are your best bits?

Perhaps you've got a favourite episode?

Or are you glad it's finished so you don't have to stay in to watch it every Saturday?

Unfortunately this topic is now closed but there are Comments pages on other subjects on the main Chat index.

Your comments

It is a brilliant show! All the episodes were great and this doctor is great much better than the old one.
Hannah, 10, Llangollen

I think that it's got the same excitement level as series one which was fantastic! I'm sad that Billie's leaving though, and that the Doctor didn't even say that he loved her!
Emily, 12, Maidstone

I think the second series was just as impressive as the first. I nearly cried at the end! Billie will be missed but I look forward to the third series.
Clare, 14, Edinburgh

It was so sad that I cried when Billie left. I think that she's an amazing actress and I wish her the best of luck for the future!
Abby, 13, East Grinstead

It was sad to see her go and she was a fantastic companion. Anyway next up, Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) here we come!
Leo, 14,Reading

I loved the finale. It was so sad, t it made me cry. It's a real shame to see Billie go but I'm glad David Tennant is staying. I hope the new companion is as good as Billie was and my favourite episode was Doomsday.
Clare, 11, Rainworth

I think this series was the best of the lot and it was sad to see Rose leave, but I think the next companion will be as superb.
Cameron, 10, Edinburgh

I think it was funny, good ,scary and I like the monsters and Rose's hair!
Katie, 7, Witham

It was so sad! I can't believe they didn't let the Doctor return his love to Rose but well done to David and Billie for a brilliant series.
Ashley, 14, Rhyl

It got me on the edge of my seat! Simply the best! I can't wait for the next series and hope it's even more exciting!
Chloe, 14, Exeter

I loved this series! I'm so upset that Rose and the Doctor didn't get together. I loved Billie Piper and I'll really miss her!
Holly, 11

I wish it wasn't over I think the series was great. I felt very sorry for the Doctor when he cried, he must have really loved her!
Freya, 11, Guildford

I was devastated when Billie Piper left, I was in tears. But on the whole I enjoyed series two better than series one!
Reema, 11, London

I love Doctor Who sooo much. Billie Piper shouldn't have left as I think the Doctor and Rose are great together . The last series was very sad I cried so much! But will Billie Piper be appearing in Doctor Who ever again?
Niamh, 11, Lisburn

It was really sad. The Doctor and Rose were the perfect team. Great episode though!
Rebecca, 10, Great Cornard

It was the best possible ending they could have written for Rose. I'm gutted that she had to leave the series!
Daisy, 14, Surbiton

I love Doctor Who and I'm so sad that Rose has gone. I can't wait for the third series.
Fleur, 10, Bristol

This last episode was so sad. I found it upsetting and it made me cry for hours!
Rosie, 13, Hull

I really enjoyed series2 and it was really sad when Rose left, but Doomsday wasn't as good as I thought it would be.
Dan, 12, Nuneaton

I cried when Rose and the Doctor said goodbye to each other, it was by far the best episode in this series. I hope Rose will return one day!
Kate, 12, Manchester

It was amazing! The effects have been brilliant and the acting was amazing! My favourite episode has to be Doomsday, it was Fab!
Ross, 10, Nottingham

I think Freema will be great as the new Doctor's assistant, though I cried a bit at the end of the last episode!
Gemma, 10, Ware

The finale was cool with all of the Daleks and Cybermen fighting each other. I am disappointed about the way Rose had to go at the end. I have enjoyed this series more than the last years series because I think this series has been more adventurous. My best bits are when the Doctor and Rose met and when they first saw the Cybermen. My favourite episode is the school one.
Hannah, 11, Manchester

This series of Dr Who was great and I can't wait for the Christmas Special!
Chloe, 12, Falmouth

That was such a great series and such a sad ending. It worked really well and when she nearly got sucked into the void! She is always going to be the Doctor's best assistant, in my view!
Ali, 12, Woking

The last episode was a bit of a cheat. Everyone was so excited about Rose dying, but she didn't actually die. She just got transferred to another world.
Dom, 11, Bonsall

That ending was cruel, downright cruel! How could Russell T Davis make Rose leave like that? She finally said 'I love you' to the Doctor which I've been dying for her to say since the first series and the Doctor didn't even get the chance to say it back. That's just so unfair. They didn't even get their proper goodbye. Sniff!
Em, 14, Birmingham

I think series two was definitely the best but I can't believe that Billie Piper is leaving. I think that without her the next series won't be as good, but I'm still looking forward to the new one at Christmas!
Emma, 13, London

I loved the whole entire series even though I missed two episodes because I was on holiday! I cried during Doomsday! Thank you David Tennant for making a great series and thanks Billie Piper for a great Rose, I'll miss you!
Geo, 14, Tallington

When Rose saw the Doctor for the last time I was so upset! I cannot believe she is gone!
Stephen, 12, Frimley

Oh no, it ends just as it was getting really good! I will miss Rose especially.
Raisa, 12, Nottingham

It was really sad when Rose went and was stuck in the other dimension. I wish Rose would come back.
Archuna, 7, Pinner

I almost cried when Rose left! I still can't believe that she has gone and I'm going to miss Rose in the next series!
Alice, 12, Unknown

This series was the best so far and I can't wait for the new one, but I don't want to have to wait until Christmas! I was crying when he had to leave Rose because she was really good.
Laura-Jayne, 12, Llanelli

Not as good as the first series but was still very enjoyable. Some episodes were quite weak which worried me but then my mind was totally changed after seeing the finale!
Jack, 13, Nottingham

I didn't watch the entire series, in fact I only started watching it a couple of weeks ago, but I am gutted Rose left - no one could ever replace her!
Abigail, 12, Surrey

I liked all the episodes in the latest series of Doctor Who and I can't wait until series three and the Christmas special. The one think I hated in this series is that the Daleks in episodes 12 and 13 only EXTERMINATED two people!
Daniel, 10, Salisbury

David Tennant is amazing as the Doctor and I'm sad to see Billie go. My favourite episode was the Girl in the Fireplace.
Zoe, 14, Skipton

I think this series is better as well. But I don't think the ending was as good. I think Rose should have died because the end dragged on a bit.
Benjo, 12, Hull

It was OK. Shame Billie is going though, she made it fun.
Sam, 12, Burton upon Trent

I was nearly in tears when Rose and the Doctor were saying goodbye, but at least David Tennant isn't leaving too!
Sophie, 11, Stotfold

I think this series of Doctor Who has been fab and David Tennant is a great doctor!
Natalie, 10, Buckingham

I think that it was a little bit better than the last series, it was much more funnier. I can't wait for the next series now!
Mollie, 13, London

With Billie Piper gone it won't be the same anymore.
Charlotte, 9, Maryport

I think series two is the best ever, it's just a pity that Rose left. But I hope the Doctor's new assistant is as good.
Mercedes, 13, Motspur Park

I think next year Martha will go and Rose will return!
James, 13, Hastings

I think it was great and the finale was the best although it was really sad at the end. I think the Doctor and the Rose are the best! But Rose shouldn't have left the show.
Hira, 12, Falkirk

At first I thought the first series was better but now it's definitely the second that is best! I can't wait until Christmas for the next programme!
Hannah, 11, Reading

The ending was so sad, but I can't wait for series three.
Ruth, 14, Todmorden

I really liked this episode, it was exciting and very emotional. I was gutted Rose had to go but I suppose it had to happen some time. It was a really good episode to end the series with. Can't wait for the next!
Lizzy, 12, Huddersfield

I can't believe Rose has left! I cried at the end and I hate the new companion and she will never take Rose's place.
Beccy, 12, Wirral

David Tennant is a brilliant actor and perfect for the part. But I will miss Rose and the series!
Rosalyn, 12, Inverness

I loved the finale, but it was so sad - I almost cried when the Doctor said goodbye to Rose for the last time! I will miss Billie Piper immensely, I think her and David Tennant have done a fantastic job and so Doctor Who is now my favourite ever TV show!
Emily, 14, Four Marks

I watched the end of Doctor Who. It was very sad but I just can't wait until the next episode at Christmas!
Hilal, 9, London

I loved it, so amazing. Doomsday was brilliant. So sad though!
Eve, 10, Stroud

I thought it was great but I'm sad that Rose has gone.
Emily, 9, Gloucester

When the series started I actually thought of not watching it, as I thought that no-one could top Christopher Eccleston and Rose's performance in the last series. But I was wrong! Russell T Davies has completed yet another fantastic series, so well done, to both writer and actors!
Chloe, 10, Ludlow

Well, what can I say? In the 9th doctor's words, I think it was fantastic. I'm gutted Billie is leaving though but I reckon David Tennant is an awesome doctor.
Emily, 12, Newcastle-under-Lyme

This series was better than the last one as I reckon David Tennant makes an ace Doctor! I'm gutted that Rose has to go though.
Tim, 12, Reading

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