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Last Updated: Friday July 07 2006 13:42 GMT

I was visiting London on 7/7


Neema had travelled to London on 7 July 2005 because she was supposed to be presented with an award at Number 10 Downing Street.

Here she recalls the day.

"This was the day I was meant to be in London to collect an award at the House of Lords. I had delivered the best opposition speech in the Youth Parliament competition.

I arrived at Euston station with my history teacher Mrs Clinton.

There was a bomb scare and the tube was shut. Someone suggested we take the bus but we didn't know which one to take so we bought a map and set off to walk to Westminster.


We walked for about 10 minutes when I heard a huge blast behind me. We were in Tavistock Square, it was 7 July.

I turned. The top of a bust had been blown off. People were running and screaming. We ran too and took shelter in a nearby park.

Mrs Clinton called the school and let them know that we were OK, and the people running the competition to see what we should do.

Then we heard about other bombs going off. News reporters were asking people what happened. Someone took us to their house where we watched the news on TV.

The awards ceremony was cancelled and after a few hours we were on our way home.


I was angry - not that I didn't get my award but with the suicide bombers.

I can't help thinking that in their head they thought what they were doing was right. Just trying to take revenge but it is not right.

It's given Islam a bad name, but Islam means peace. They say it's in the name of Jihad but their war isn't against innocent people.

A week later I was at Number 10 Downing Street to receive my award.

I think I was meant to be in London on July 7, I think it was a message.

I had never thought terrorism would affect me - I thought it was only happening in Iraq and places like that.

Now I think I would like to be a politician one day to show people the real meaning of Islam.

Now I don't take things for granted."

Neema, 15, West Midlands

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