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Last Updated: Friday July 14 2006 14:45 GMT

My mobile school

Saida belongs to a nomadic family - which means she moves around all the time.

Because of that, her school moves with her! She tells us her story.

"I wake up early every day at 4am, and go to Duksi, a religious class, where we read the Koran. Then I prepare tea for the family and herd the camels. After 8am I go to school.

I really like going to school.

We learn English and Swahili - it's the easiest to learn.

If girls don't go to school, it's bad - I'd like all girls to go to school.

I do so many things it's hard just to concentrate on school. But there's no-one to help my mum, so I've got to do it.

A pastoralist or nomad is someone who moves - we're moving next week.

Travelling around

We'll pack the camels and move, and we might travel for six hours.

Then we will settle and the mothers will build the houses and the children herd the goats. There's no mobile school that day.

It's hard being a nomad as we move around all the time. Without the mobile school we wouldn't get lessons, only religion classes.

In the drought, we were moving around all the time - looking for water and caring for the animals. We were hungry all the time."

Saida, Kenya

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