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Last Updated: Thursday July 13 2006 07:56 GMT

I work as a servant to pay for school

Habiba, from Isiolo in North Kenya has to work as a servant so that she can afford to go to school.

She tells us her story.

"I left home so I could be safe after all my things were stolen.

I work as a housekeeper - I clean and cook, and look after the children.

I'm saving the money I earn every month to pay for my school fees.

I have to do this job because I don't have enough money to go to school. To go to secondary school is expensive.

The drought has really affected my going to school. My father had 15 goats, but because of the drought most of them died, and the others were stolen - they were our livelihood.

So now I've got no money to go to school.

I'm very unhappy I finished primary school two years ago. Lots of my friends are at secondary school, but I have to do all this housework.


I hope to be able to go to school next year. I want to be a doctor or an engineer. This way, I'll be able to help my parents, and others in the community.

I make sure I keep up with my studies - after I've finished work, I get the books I used to use in primary school and study, and go to extra classes after the school is finished."

Habiba, Kenya

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