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Last Updated: Monday July 10 2006 13:21 GMT

In pictures: Fighting cholera in Sudan

Children in Sudan

Richard Powell went with a team of aid workers fighting cholera in Sudan. This is his story: "When we arrive, the children are very happy to see us. Lots of them are orphans because their parents were lost in fighting."


"The village that we visit, called Ikotos, is surrounded by beautiful scenery but there are many problems here, including cholera."

Village leaders

"The village leaders tell the aid workers how many people are sick and where the biggest problem areas are."

Driving in Sudan

"Then we drive to the areas that most need help. The journey is long and treacherous and takes half a day to get there."

Rainy season

"The roads get even more dangerous during the rainy season and drivers sometimes have to get out and check if it's safe to continue."

Girl on drip

"When we arrive at the village, we visit a clinic where people with cholera are isolated and find this young girl in bed on a drip."

Boy with cholera

"This boy has cholera too. He is helped by the nurse because the disease has made him weak. Good sanitation helps stop cholera from spreading."

Aid supplies

"Aid workers from Wold Emergency Relief unload medicines, biscuits and milk, which makes the difference between life and death for the victims."

Boy cured of cholera

"Children who were sick from cholera are free to play again once they are better, like this lucky boy."

Returning victim

"Normally, cholera victims who are treated in time can get back to their lives and their land and plan for their futures again."

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