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Last Updated: Thursday July 06 2006 16:53 GMT

We can win the war against hatred

Police guard a road
Lule goes to a school near where the 7 July London bombings happened.

She talks about the effect the attacks had on her and her hopes for the future.

"We once felt safe doing anything in our city. Refugees came from war and chaos to London because it offered them safely and security.

But after the attack, I don't think it can ever be seen the same way.

When I was aware of the attacks I was hugely shaken.


Alarm bells went off in my head and I felt so concerned about what the world was evolving into.

Everyone I know is against these hate-filled acts - the Muslims, the Christians and all Londoners.

As a Christian I am deeply amazed about how these men could find enough evil in their hearts to carry out such deeds.

But I do know if I and all my Muslim friends spread the love and respect that is in our hearts, that we will win this war against hatred."

Lule, London

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