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Last Updated: Thursday July 06 2006 10:22 GMT

Quiz: Kenya

Kenyan countryside

Question 1

What's the capital city of Kenya?

A: Mombasa
B: Nairobi
C: Marsabit

Question 2

What colours are in the Kenyan flag?

A: Black, red, white and green
B: Black, red, white and yellow
C: Black, red, white and orange

Question 3

What's the currency that they use in Kenya?

A: Kenyan Dollars
B: Kenyan Pennies
C: Kenyan Shilling

Question 4

Kenya shares Lake Victoria with two other countries. What are they?

A: Ethiopia and Somalia
B: Sudan and Uganda
C: Uganda and Tanzania

Question 5

What's the official language of Kenya?

A: French
B: Swahili
C: Portugese

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