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Last Updated: Tuesday July 04 2006 16:51 GMT

Pirates 2 stars chat about movie

Calling all Pirates Of the Caribbean fans!

Ever wondered how Johnny came up with his Jack Sparrow swagger or how Orlando and Keria cope with their on-set giggles?

Well, we've got the answers.

Newsround's Leigh Mytton caught up with the stars of Dead Man's Chest on their whistle-stop tour to promote the movie.

It's yo-ho-ho and a barrel of laughs on the set of the Pirates movies and it seems Johnny Depp is at the centre of the mischief.

As dotty Captain Jack Sparrow, it seems he just can't stop cracking up the cast and crew.

"He was quite nice - he wouldn't do the full Jack Sparrow if the camera was on you," said Keira Knightley, who returns to her role as feisty Elizabeth Swann.

Orlando Bloom, who plays Will Turner, came up with some better advice.

"Just don't look at Johnny," he said.

Johnny, meanwhile, was delighted to be back on board.

Before Curse Of The Black Pearl, a pirate movie hadn't been a box office smash for 50 years, but the 2003 film was a runaway hit.

"I had gotten used to never having a successful film," joked Johnny. "I was pretty comfortable in that. It was a terrific shock for me."

He explained the movie's appeal.

"I clearly remember wanting to be a pirate when I was a kid," he said.


"It still exists for a lot of people. I think it's to do with the idea of total freedom. Everyone wants to be that free. Everyone would love not to answer to anybody."

The actors were excited about the sequel.

Keira said: "I remember the first day back. It was like we hadn't stopped filming. It was very easy to just slip back into it."

And it seems the characters have moved on too.

"Elizabeth was quite straight-laced in the first film, but she's got a grungier look. It was exciting to take a character and make her grow up," Keira added.

In Dead Man's Chest, Orlando's character Will faces a new challenge as he is re-united with his long-lost father.

"I'm in love with the girl but I have to save my dad from a fate worse than death. That was something cool to play with!" joked the actor.

He was relieved about one thing, though.

"I was glad to get a pair of pirate boots after the shoes and stockings routine in the first movie, which I hated," he said.

Johnny revealed how Captain Jack got his swagger.


"It comes from extreme heat. I locked myself in a sauna for a long time. On a ship, you're subjected to the elements. Being in the sauna was very, very uncomfortable - I wouldn't recommend it," he said.

In another quirky tale, Johnny explained how his Charlie And The Chocolate Factory character Willy Wonka got his voice.

"My kids have a lot to do with it. When you are sat down playing Barbies, you assume characters.

"It's a great way to experiment with voices. I was trying to find the voice of Willy Wonka and my daughter asked 'who's that?'

"I think that might be Willy Wonka," I said.

But back to Captain Jack.

Fans of the series will be delighted to hear that filming is well underway on the third movie, and producer Jerry Bruckheimer let slip that this one could run and run.

"I'm thinking beyond three and hoping to continue. Hopefully we can get the team back together and make another one," he said.

And it looks like Johnny's on side already.


"I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye to Jack Sparrow - hint hint," he joked.

They'd been great company, but all too soon it was time for the stars to leave.

"Tomorrow we go to Paris. The day after that, we go to Tokyo," explained Orlando.

It's a busy life being a pirate of the Caribbean.

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