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Last Updated: Monday July 10 2006 13:29 GMT

London bombings one year on: Your thoughts

Floral tributes at King's Cross on London
It is now one year since the London bombings on 7 July 2005.

Four men took bombs onto three underground stations and a bus. The explosions killed 52 people and injured more than 770 people.

How do you feel about the London bombings one year on?

Do you still think about the attacks? Or do you just go about your everyday business and don't think about it anymore?

Did your school do anything to mark the anniversary, like a minute's silence or a memorial?

Do you still travel on the tube and the bus? Did these attacks stop you coming to London?

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Your comments

My friend was just around the corner from the bombs because she was on a school trip in London with her class. I think that we should always pray for those who lost their lives and those who were injured on these attacks.
Chloe, 9, Stockport

I thought 'That Summers Day' was really good. I was glad that it included children because a lot of programmes these days don't. I thought it was great to see the attacks from different point of views and to also see how much damage it has caused.
Kurt, 13, Horsham

I think the bombings were really awful though that didn't stop me from living my normal life!
Katie, 12, Bristol

It was really sad when we stopped for two minutes at school. Since July last year, we are still fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan and I just don't know where it will all end. It's very frightening!
Liz, 11, Bristol

I think the bombings were really tragic. Lots of people were injured and seriously hurt. That Summers Day was a perfect drama to tell people exactly what happened and showed that people were really affected by it and even children have feelings towards it. I love the drama and it was one of the best things I've seen in a long time. We had a one minute silence in our school which helped us think about those who were injured or lost their lives.
Dan, 13, Oswestry

I think the bombing was really tragic. So many people were killed or injured, or loved ones were hurt. I can't believe it has been a year since the bombing. It makes me sad to think about it, and I have thought about it recently as it is near the time it happened.
Chloe, 11, Southport

I think 'That Summers Day' is one of the best dramas I have ever seen. In some ways, I feel less scared about what happened by watching it.
Lawrence, 14, Grantham

I wish that no one died but I think that we needed to know or be reminded about how the UK could be endangered by terrorism. But I mean no offence to the families that lost someone, I am very sad for them.
Kate, 12, Birmingham

My school did a two minute silence to mark the anniversary.
Hannah, 14, Tavistock

I feel so sorry for the families and people who got killed in the London bombs.
Charlotte, 9, Blackpool

The CBBC drama was so moving and it really disturbed me - I literally cried when I watched 'That Summers Day'!
Rosie, 13, Petersfield

At my school we didn't do anything thing to mark the anniversary.
Annie, 10, Croydon

I think "That Summers Day" really reflected the events of 7th July 2005. It was such an emotional drama depicting kids' very different lives.
Snipersqueak, 13, Walsall

We were in London last Friday when it was the anniversary of the bombings. We had two minutes silence amongst everyone else and I felt very sorry for anyone, or anyone's family, who was hurt or killed in this terrible incident. I think we all hope something as frightening, horrible and thoughtless as that will never happen again.
Toni, 11, Unknown

Last year we only really knew what happened, not how it affected people. Watching "That Summer Day" yesterday really brought to life how it was for people who it affected.
Izzy, 13, Manchester

I feel sad and annoyed. We had two minutes silence in our classrooms. But the attacks don't stop me from coming to London because my uncle lives there.
Hannah, 10, Birmingham

I think 'That Summer Day' was a really good programme to watch to help understand what happened in the London bombings.
Naomi, 11, Aldershot

I really hate the people who let off the bombs, I watched 'That Summers Day' and I cried. I know people who were in London at the time I was really scared! I think about the London bombs and all the people affected by it every day.
Ellie, 9, Norwich

I feel really sad when I think about what happened, but feel angry when all the people from newspapers and press surround people who are mourning and obviously don't want to have cameras stuck in their faces.
Maria, 14, Halesowen

I think 'That Summers Day' really did make people remember about the 7/7 London bombings. It was really sad.
Djamel, 10, London

We only did a one minute silence at my school because they did not think we could all be quiet for two minutes!
Jenny, 12, London

When I first heard that London had been bombed, I thought it was the French, as we beat them to host the 2012 Olympics and they wanted revenge. My cousin actually spread the news around the school as she got a text from a friend at another school! Now, I realise how sad and disgusting some people can be.
Jonathan, 13, Cornwall

This morning when I was watching the news, survivors of the London bombings told us their feelings. They told us what it was like and I can't believe someone could do such a thing! Why would they do such a thing?
Chloe, 10, Great Yarmouth

I think that the people who are trying too kill themselves and other people on buses and underground stations. I don't know what they are doing. I also think that every one has the right too feel safe and be safe!
Emma, 11, Guernsey

I hope that nothing like this ever, ever, ever happens again.
Jenni, 11, Birmingham

Our school had a minutes silence and I think that was really good and all schools should have done it.
Loz, 11, Southampton

It was an extremely sad day. No one will ever forget that dreadful day. My thoughts are with the victims and I think the rescuers did the best job they could.
Sophie, 12, Sidcup

I was on an overnight trip with my class when the bombs went off. We were in Westminster Cathedral at the time and had to travel home straight away. We were all very scared.
Elizabeth, 11, Stockport

I was in Year 5 and two of my best mates were heading up to London to play cricket on that day. It was really scary to think that I may never see them again.
Angharad, 10, London

How could someone do something as terrible as this? I still can't believe what's happened. I also can't believe that my school didn't take part in the two minute silence - it's just disrespectful.
Abby, 12, Leicester

Things like that are going to happen and it would be stupid if we thought it wasn't, but the people who do it should think about the effects it would have on their families and country if it had happened to them. People blame Muslims but a lot of Muslims think what the terrorists did was horrible too.
Sheila, 14, Wirral

I was really worried and angry when I heard about the bombs! My dad was there and I was really worried about him but luckily he got of the train 20 minutes before the bombs went off. I was also really angry because of the people who set the bombs off.
Isabella, 10, Abingdon

It upsets me that some people think that all Muslims are bad because of these bombings, but we are not.
Maseeha, 12, Birmingham

How could anyone do such a terrible thing? None of my family or friends got injured but the news still upset me.
Katie, 13, Coventry

Other than feeling terrible for the victim's relatives and friends, I feel most sorry for those who are now prosecuted for their beliefs.
Abigail, 12, Surrey

The day was really sad for me because I still do not understand who would think it was ok to do it.
Kim, 12, London

I watched 'That Summers Day' and I realised how much people's lives were affected that day and I got really emotional! I hope everybody that was effected by the bombs are okay and the best of luck!
Emily, 13, Chester

We had one minute silence to think about all of the people who died in London.
Catherine, 6, Bolton

R.I.P to all that died in the 7/7 bombs. It is so sad to think a couple of people can make so much hurt and mess. I watched the CBBC programme 'That Summer Day' and I really could of cried when that girl wasn't allowed on the bus because she was a Muslim. Life is so unfair but it's our job now to try and make it fair and accept EVERYONE!
Lily, 14, Darlington

I was worried when I heard on the news about it all. Although I was not there I felt scared for the relatives and children like on the TV programme "That Summers Day ".
Ellie, 12, Worcester

We had a bell for the two minutes silence at school and after it was over the whole Tech class was talking about why people bother killing people.
Claire, 12, Norfolk

The number 30 is now an unlucky number for me.
Ellie, 14, Derby

7/7, 9/11 - none of it should have happened.
Candace, 11, USA

The London bombings must have scared people a lot and I am ashamed of what they have done.
Jasmine, 9, Shadoxhurst

I am a Muslim and where I live there are also a lot of Muslims, but in some places where there are not many all the Muslims get stereotyped and judged when actually true Muslims are against terrorism. I hope that people start to understand the REAL Islam and not judge the Muslims around them and treat them any differently. And I hope and wish all the families affected by this disgraceful act well in the future.
Anonymous, 13, London

My cousins were both involved and survived although we didn't know for over 16 hours before we got through to their mobiles. I am horrified it happened because my school was having a party due to celebrating the Olympics.
Daniel, 13, London

I think 'That Summer Day' really made a difference to how you saw it. It made me think about all those children worried about their parents, I was crying just thinking about if it happened to me.
Charlie, 11, Leicester

I was on a school trip when it happened at Portsmouth and we couldn't get on the ferry for ages because of the risk of more bombings.
Libby, 11, Gosport

I hate the selfish people who did that - they killed and hurt loads of people who were completely innocent. I hope that the people who died are at peace and may the injured, and people's families, also get better and happier.
Emily, 12, Maidstone

I still think that there's a danger of another bomb which scares me a lot.
Nethmee, 12, Enfield

I was in London city centre that day and it was really scary.
Lilly, 11, Liverpool

I feel sorry for the people that were caught up in the London bombings. In our school we had a two minute silence to think about the victims. I felt sad thinking about them but this does not stop me from going on the tube.
Arfan, 14, Chesham

I think it was very sad that the bombing happened. I have great respect for the people and I think about the people that died. They may rest in peace.
Chloe, 12, Gloucestershire

I was in Spain at the time and was very disappointed and sad when a barman told us the bad news.
George, 9, Liverpool

I feel gutted about those people dying and having serious injuries in the bombings because some unlucky people died for no reason!
Georgi, 14, Spalding

I think it's really upsetting on the bombing and the families of it but our school didn't do anything to mark the anniversary.
Keira, 13, Wigan

I think the London bombings was a very sad incident. It's almost hard to believe a year has gone already because tragic events like this seems to always stick in your mind. I remember how people were panicking after hearing the news on radio and computer at breaktime. And some people couldn't contact their families who worked in London and were terrified. I still travel by bus and tube but am always very cautious. Today I was on my way back from a school trip from France and we had a one minute silence for the people who died.
Poppy, 13, Richmond

As well as feeling sorry for the victims and their families, I also feel sorry for all the peaceful Muslims because now I know a lot of people will associate them with the attacks which is unfair.
Grace, 14, Preston

I think that the people who did it were absolutely selfish and horrible. My uncle was even in the carriage behind one that blew up.
Afsana, 13, Bolton

On the 6th July 2005 I was on a school trip and we went past the stations what were affected by the bombings. What is scary is that the trip was supposed to be on the 7th.
Gemma, 13, Ipswich

The London bombings were very sad. I was away on a residential trip with my school at the time and when we heard what happened we all felt very sad. The suicide bombers left many people with a scarred life. Good luck to all the people that were injured, I hope you're on the way to recovery and I hope that all the innocent people that died rest in peace.
Zoe, 12, Southampton

As well as feeling sorry for the victims and their families, I also feel sorry for all the peaceful Muslims because now I know a lot of people will associate them with the attacks which is unfair.
Grace, 14, Preston

I think that the people who did it were absolutely selfish and horrible. My uncle was even in the carriage behind one that blew up.
Afsana, 13, Bolton

On the 6th July 2005 I was on a school trip and we went past the stations what were affected by the bombings. What is scary is that the trip was supposed to be on the 7th.
Gemma, 13, Ipswich

The London bombings were very sad. I was away on a residential trip with my school at the time and when we heard what happened we all felt very sad. The suicide bombers left many people with a scarred life. Good luck to all the people that were injured, I hope you're on the way to recovery and I hope that all the innocent people that died rest in peace.
Zoe, 12, Southampton

I really can't imagine what the victims went through, it must have been really horrific. I wish them well in the future!
Amy, 14, Amble

I feel sorry about the people who died and were injured.
Mardiah, 7, Unknown

This was a terrible incident that should never have happened. As I live in Northern Ireland, I know there has been bombs here to do with religion which is a stupid thing to fight about, as we are all one. I don't understand why people had to die and how the bombers didn't care who they killed.
Hannah, 13, Portadown

I think it's a shame all Muslims have to suffer for the controversy and hardship a bunch of extremists caused. As a young British Muslim I look around the world and feel there's never a day when a person isn't killed in a war. I would just like everyone to know that there are many Muslims, like me, who are against terrorism.
Natasha, 15, Birmingham

All the rescue services deserve medals as they helped save lives and helped shocked relatives. In my opinion they should get paid more than football players!
Oli, 12, Coventry

The whole country is affected by this. Everyone's thoughts are with the friends and families of the victims. My brother works in a call centre and even they stopped taking calls at noon as a mark of respect.
Jack, 13, Sunderland

I still think about it and hope it never happens again.
Laura, 11, Fordingbridge

I think it was all a disgrace to the UK.
Usman, 13, London

I live in Ireland and so wasn't affected but I feel terrible for all the people who were hurt, killed or lost their families. I can't believe people do things like that to other humans.
Alana, 11, Belfast

I think the people who did it are horrible. I feel really sorry for the people who did die.
Zahra, 14, London

I think the people who did this are cruel. They have no feelings if they do such things. They might be angry and upset but this is no reason to kill other people who have nothing to do with it.
Emily, 12, Blyth

Today I feel totally sorry for the people who died and I think the world is not safe anymore.
Asjid, 14, Wakefield

I think we should have had more than a two minute silence.
Jack, 9, Silsden

I was terrified when it happened and I still am as I really don't like to go on buses or the Underground.
Skaidre, 11, London

Right now I'm at school and we're doing a lesson about the London bombing and the terrorists. I think you just need to be careful about going to London now.
Eve, 9, Kildwick

It shouldn't have happened and all I can say is that I respect the rescuers and I have been thinking about the victims.
Emma, 13, Wolverhampton

I still feel sad and sorry about the bombings.
Hannah, 9, Kildwick

At my school we are learning about all of this stuff that was going on. We have written letters and stories and done pictures and made games to remember what happened.
Martha, 9, Cowling

Last year me and my family were going to be going over to London for a holiday but we cancelled it because we didn't feel safe! I don't think that people should have the right to take other people's lives and destroy something.
Alice, 14, Omagh

I'm still scared of going in to London in case I see any terrorists.
Tabatha, 9, Farnhill

I'm aware of the dangers of going on the tubes and the buses. But we just have to get on with our lives and remember the victims.
Dominic, 13, London

I think the people who bombed London are heartless and not thinking about the others. This kind of things seem to be happening everywhere around the world and we should stop it!
Kate, 11, Harwood

It's very sad for the people that died and their families.
Meny, 10, Manchester

It's sad that you also get bombed.
Dibla, 11, Pakistan

I remember when I heard about the attacks on London. I think we should stop terrorists from killing innocent people. I will never forget that day and I will pay my respect with the two minute's silence at my school.
Rebecca, 13, Sheffield

That was the worst day of my life, my mum and my brother only just missed the bombs and I didn't know whether the were alive until the afternoon!
Amber, 13, London

I always think of the people that died and I really want terrorism to stop.
Ryan, 12, Bristol

When I went up to London, I was scared to get on a tube when I saw a man in a black hooded top and a rucksack!
Charley, 13, Bristol

I think it was really horrible and sad but if we stop going into London or going on the tube because we're scared, the terrorists win and that would be really wrong.
Sadie, 14, London

I am still a bit scared to go on the tube when I come up to London. I still think about the bombs sometimes.
Katy, 12, Brighton

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