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Last Updated: Friday July 07 2006 09:22 GMT

Schoolboy's tuck shop: Your thoughts

A pile of sweets
A schoolboy may be expelled for setting up a tuck shop in his school.

13-year-old William started selling sweets and fizzy drinks to other pupils during break times because he got fed up with his school's policy on healthy eating.

So, do you think he should be expelled?

Perhaps you think he should be punished for making money on school grounds and selling sugary food?

Or do you think the school should go easy on him?

What do you do if your school tuck shop has closed?

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Your comments

I think he should be allowed to sell sweets and it's up to the kids to choose whether to eat unhealthily!
Amy, 12, Grimsby

He shouldn't be expelled. I think it is a ludicrous punishment, expelling someone just because they sell sweets. Why not set up a tuck shop with mates and teachers and sell apples and water too?
Charlotte, 13, Reading

I think that we should choose what to eat and having a treat sometimes is OK. So, I don't think he should be expelled!
Erica, 12, Manchester

I think he should be expelled for robbing kids out of their money. He also spoiled all the good work his school tried to do in encouraging healthy eating!
Ashie, 13, Liverpool

He should not be expelled because he used his own initiative. he should make a deal with the teachers that he can only sell them during break times!
Charlotte, 13, Reading

He shouldn't be expelled. He hasn't done something really wrong and anyway you shouldn't be punished for selling sweets if the school don't. I you like sweets and your school doesn't sell them you would like his idea!
Emma, 10, Darlington

I think he should continue selling sweets, he was only trying to stop his dad from smoking. It is natural to want your dad to stop smoking and to earn cash. Even though he was caught he can still sell outside school!
Richard, 11, Warwick

Ok, maybe he shouldn't have done it but being expelled for it is harsh!
Anastasia, 11, London

Well being expelled is pretty harsh, especially for someone who's trying to earn a bit of extra money. But where the heck is he getting all this food?
Gaby, 13

I go to the same school as William and I never knew he was doing it! I think it's great he's made loads of money but I don't think he should have done it at school.
Sophie, 14, Towcester

I think that even though Jamie Oliver and William's school encourage people to eat healthily it doesn't mean that all the kids have to eat healthily if they don't want to. I also think it's stupid trying to expel him.
Payge, 11, Birmingham

I think he should be expelled. It's unfair that he's taking advantage of the other kids and how they want sweets. It's ridiculous that he's making 50 a day!
Kirstie, 11, Leighton Buzzard

I don't think he should be expelled. I believe it's our choice to eat unhealthily!
Kirsty, 13, Portsmouth

I think we should be allowed to sell our friends sweets!
Sarah, 13, Portsmouth

He should be allowed to carry on selling them because it all started as a bid to make his dad stop smoking!
Osnat, 10, London

I don't think he should be expelled. It wasn't his fault and he wanted to make a point!
Sacha, 11

I would let him carry on until the end of term and then say "You are not allowed to sell those sweets anymore, you are only allowed to sell the healthy things." If he does not stop selling sweet food he should expelled.
Hannah, 10, St Albans

Food like sweets and crisps should not be sold in schools. This will make the children healthier. People may argue that children need the option, well why can't they bring their own sweets in from home? Canteens are better off healthy as everyone will benefit when they are older.
Sarah, 12, Wickford

I think it is ok to be doing this because most kids love chocolate!
Arfan, 14, Chesham

I think he should be allowed to sell sweets but only out of school grounds.
Jamie, 12, Hertfordshire

Who cares if he sells sweets. I think the teachers are jealous, if they are they should have a secret selling scheme.
Stephanie, 14, Pinner

I really don't think he should get expelled as he was just expressing his feelings. I would do the same.
Laura, 14, Dinnington

I don't think he should sell things in school as it might put the school food out of service!
Hannah, 13, Sheffield

He should follow the school rules but getting expelled is not fair.
Kittiekat, 14, Cottingham

He should be commended for having the initiative to start a business like a tuck shop in his school! However, he should also learn to abide by the rules and seek permission. Maybe the money made so far should be given to charity.
Sondos, 14, Birmingham

I don't think he should be expelled because it was not his fault - he just wanted to make a point!
Sacha, 11, Breascletey

I think that William should not set up a tuck shop because he is getting unhealthy and so are the silly children who are buying from him.
Simran, 9, Slough

He should be allowed to but he have to give some money to school or a charity. It's really not that bad!
Alex, 13, Newcastle

I don't think it's a good idea to sell the sweets after Jamie Oliver and the school have made a big effort to start healthy eating. But the boy shouldn't be expelled as he was just giving his classmates what they wanted.
Carla, 11, Newcastle

I think he should abide the school rules.
Joel, 11, Ballymoney

I think it's ridiculous to stop him from selling sweets and fizzy drinks. He wasn't doing anything dangerous! Kids know what's good for them and what isn't - has the world gone crazy!?
Erica, 11, Poole

He shouldn't be expelled just for selling chocolate and that. It's stupid! In our school canteen they sell sweets and people do much worst things and don't get expelled. Setting up a tuck shop isn't bad!
Michael, 12, Birmingham

He's a buisnessman in the making and I love his idea! I think that pupils should have a choice but also some keep limits. What he's doing is fine - pupils buy it because they want it, they aren't forced to.
Nowrin, 12, Nottingham

He shouldn't be expelled but he should have asked for permission to set up the tuck shop.
Lisa, 14, Motherwell

I think he shouldn't be expelled. We have a guy in our class who got caught selling sweets a few days ago yet he just got a suspension. There is nothing in the school rules against it!
Edmund, 12, Amersham

I used to sell sweets with my brother and we made a lot of money!
Mick, 13, Drofmats

I think he did something wrong by disobeying the school rules but he shouldn't be expelled because everyone needs a second chance.
Kiran, 12, Leeds

People always sell sweets to each other at my school because they took away the tuck shop, grrr!
Lily, 14, Halifax

I think that the school should have a tuck shop once or twice a week and the school should provide some stuff for it too.
Chloe, 13, Huntingdon

I think pupils should be able to sell what they like. It's his classmates decision if they want to buy them or not!
Laura, 10, Dorset

I don't think he should be expelled and I think that if he's doing this to help his dad stop smoking than he should be allowed. Maybe his school should have a day a week of unhealthy food.
Holly, 11, Cumbria

I think it should be up to whatever the kids want! He shouldn't be expelled and the school should be learning what kids want.
Gabby, 10, Manchester

I'm glad he's started his own business, I wouldn't mind doing that!
Callum, 13, Chichester

I think that the school should help him find a more "legal" way to make a 1000 as after all, he is doing it for a reason! He's just like Taj from Kerching!
Kate, 14, Nottingham

I think that it is very bad. He shouldn't have started his own tuck shop. But also he shouldn't be expelled as he is 13 years old.
Claire, 11, Tipperary

I reckon he should be expelled because he is making everybody eat unhealthily. But he is right for standing up for himself and doing what he thinks is right even though it's wrong!
Taus, 13, Southampton

It's not something weird at my school as we are always selling sweets to each other! Our cafeteria sells junk food as our school thinks it's ok. I think there is absolutely nothing wrong with selling sweets and chips.
Abdulla, 13, UAE

No! That is such a random reason, maybe if he was selling drugs or something then yeah he should be expelled, but not because of sweets and fizzy drinks. There are people that do a lot worse things than that.
Tamsyn, 14, Newquay

I think that's ridiculous! People do that at my school but no-ones ever been EXPELLED for it! That's just power gone mad!
Uri, 14, Cheltenham

I think we should be allowed to have chocolate and crisps at school, so he shouldn't be expelled! He was just using his initiative!
Neil, 11, Manchester

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