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Last Updated: Friday June 30 2006 18:00 GMT

Stolen monkeys rescued by police

Jazz, the stolen silvery Marmoset
Police have found 18 monkeys that were stolen from zoos during two raids in Tunstall, Staffordshire.

Four out of five endangered marmosets, which were stolen from an East Sussex zoo 11 days ago, were among those found in a house full of monkeys.

It was thought that the cute creatures, which are worth several hundred pounds each, were stolen to order for illegal collectors of rare animals.

Two 35-year-old men have been arrested by police.

The rescued monkeys aren't in top condition and are receiving special treatment.

Four of the rare marmosets, normally found in the South American rainforests, were identified by microchips.

One of the stolen Geoffrey marmosets
Among those rescued was silvery marmoset Jazz, the mother monkey, who needs medical treatment twice a day.

Claire Peters, spokeswoman for Drusillas, where the monkeys were taken from, said she was "absolutely delighted" but added: "Sadly, Larkin our seven-week-old silvery marmoset was not recovered during the raid and therefore we can only assume that he did not survive."

The other 14 monkeys were being identified and will be returned to the zoos from which they were taken.

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