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Last Updated: Saturday July 01 2006 08:16 GMT

Why I love playing baseball

Baseball is a popular sport around the world.

Press Packer Alban is French and plays for a team in Paris.

"Baseball is played with two teams, on a big square pitch called the diamond.

The pitch has four bases - one at each corner. The fourth base is called home base.

One team pitches - their job is to throw and catch the ball.

The other team bats.

The pitcher has a very important job.

A good pitcher can throw the ball as fast as 90 miles an hour!

Scoring runs

Each player on the batting team has one turn to hit the ball.

Each turn at batting is called an innings.

Alban takes aim with the baseball bat!
Alban takes aim with the baseball bat!
The further you hit the ball, the more chance your team has of scoring runs.

To score a run you have to touch all the bases in order, finishing at the home plate.

Three strikes

Batting isn't as easy as it looks. If you miss - the umpire calls out "strike."

Three strikes in a row - and you're out!

Batters can also be caught out by the other team.

That's something I am good at - catching the ball!

Most runs

Batting's over when everyone has had their go - or if three of the team's players are knocked out.

Then the teams swap over and the game starts again.

The team that scores the most runs is the winner.

Started young

There are baseball clubs all over Europe.

The game has been played in France for years.

I love all sports - but baseball is one of my favourites!

I started playing when I was seven-years-old.

So why not swing into action and give baseball a shot."

Alban, 14, Paris, France

Want to give baseball or softball a try in the UK? Click on the link on the right hand side to find your nearest club.

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