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Last Updated: Tuesday June 27 2006 12:05 GMT

Quiz: Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler and the Doctor

Question 1

What is the name of the department store that Rose used to work in?

A: Baldrick's
B: Henrik's
C: Cheap 'n' Cheerful

Question 2

Where did Rose go on her first voyage through time?

A: Platform One, in the year 5 billion
B: Battle of Hastings, in the year 1066
C: Mars, in the year 3, 000

Question 3

What was the name of Rose's father?

A: Wayne
B: Pete
C: Bob

Question 4

How does Rose help the Dalek escape from Henry Van Statten?

A: She releases the chains holding it
B: She pushes it out the door
C: She touches it and it absorbs her DNA

Question 5

What message has Rose been scattering across time?

A: Dodgy fox
B: Cheeky hyena
C: Bad wolf

Question 6

When Cassandra takes over Rose's body, what does she say when she first looks in the mirror?

A: I'm a Chav
B: What are you staring at?
C: I'm hungry

Question 7

In the episode where Rose and the Doctor go back to school, what job does she end up doing?

A: Headmistress
B: Classroom assistant
C: Dinner lady

Question 8

What kind of animal was Rose in the parallel Earth?

A: A fox
B: A dog
C: An elephant

Question 9

In The Idiot's Lantern, what happens to Rose in Magpie's Electronics Store?

A: She loses her face
B: She loses a heel on a shoe
C: She loses a pound coin

Question 10

In The Satan Pit, what does the beast say will happen to Rose?

A: She'll marry the Doctor
B: She'll get an expensive haircut
C: She'll die in battle

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