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Last Updated: Sunday June 25 2006 13:41 GMT

Scientists make dodo bones find

Scientists have found bits of a skeleton of one of the most famous of all extinct animals, the dodo.

The dodo - which was a big bird that couldn't fly - became extinct more than 300 years ago.

There are no full skeletons of the bird left so finding a number of complete dodo bones means scientists may be able to learn loads about how they lived.

Last year hundreds of other dodo bones were found in the same location, including beaks and dodo chicks.

A model of a dodo

Unfortunately for the dodo it was hunted to extinction by people, and according to evidence from when it was alive, it didn't do much to help itself survive.

Within 200 years of European setting up homes in its natural environment the dodo had died out, perhaps because it was known to be slow-moving and not afraid of people hunting it.

Even the birds' name, dodo, comes from the Portuguese word for "fool".