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Last Updated: Sunday June 25 2006 18:51 GMT

Millie reports LIVE from the Queen's party

Millie from Scotland was one of the lucky ones who got an invitation to go to a special party at Buckingham Palace to celebrate the Queen's 80th birthday.

But don't worry if you missed out because we've got the next best thing.

As well as watching the show Millie sent us text messages and pictures throughout the day so we can all find out what it was like to have been behind the palace gates!

7.50pm - End of the day

I loved the show. I liked it when the robbers came on. I saw the kids from Harry Potter but I didn't the chance to speak to them.

Before the show I got to meet Jacqueline Wilson. She said hi to me and was really nice. I spoke to a goblin too - who said he liked my hair!

The Queen
The Queen gave her speech, once she had her glasses back

7.33pm - End of the show
I've seen loads more celebs on stage. An owl from Hogwarts, Mary Poppins, all the cast together at the end and then the Queen.

She gave a speech on stage - once she had got her handbag and glasses back.

7.09pm -
I've just seen the Blue Peter gang, Tracy Beaker, Justine and Crash.

6.47pm - Presents
I can't believe I gave the Queen flowers, and Lewis got to give her chocolates.

6.44pm - Famous faces
I've seen lots of famous people from EastEnders. It's great fun, I'm so lucky to be here.

6.30pm - On with the show
The baddies have got Postman Pat and the invitations.

Millie and her programme

5.55pm - Ready for the show
I'm waiting for the show to start now, sat in my seat and eating some ice cream.

5.12pm - Famous faces
I'm having so much fun! I've got lots of autographs and lots of pictures.

The Queen
Millie gives the Queen some flowers

4.50pm - The Queen!
I've just given the Queen her flowers.

4.45pm - Food
We've been given a hamper. Mine has a sandwich, biscuits, strawberries and juice in it.

4.24pm - At the palace
Oh, it's so exciting. I've seen Postman Pat and the car from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

3.50pm - Travelling to the palace
We're in a taxi and are on our way to the palace. I'm so excited!

2.08pm - London hotel
"Today's the day! I'm very excited. I have a new dress to wear to the party, it's pink with flowers. And I have a hat if it's too sunny. I'm looking forward to seeing Tracy Beaker and Mary Poppins there.

Have to go now and get ready, will text you from the taxi on the way to the palace."

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