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Last Updated: Friday June 23 2006 17:42 GMT

New weapon against biting beastie

Culicoides impuntatus - the female midge. Image supplied by Dr Damien Nolan - University of Aberdeen
You can say goodbye to having summer days ruined by clouds of stinging insects, as a new service can forecast where midges will cause trouble.

The midge forecast, available online, lets people in Scotland know how likely they are to be bothered by the biting beasties, just like a weather forecast.

Scientists used info on how many midges have been caught in different weather over the years to make the forecaster.

They hope it'll help you stay one step ahead of the pesky critters.

Midge expert Dr Alison Blackwell headed the project, and put together years of information on how many midges had been caught in different weather conditions.

Her team use this, combined with weather forecasts, to predict how likely you'll be to encounter a swarm of the annoying insects.

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