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Last Updated: Friday June 23 2006 08:45 GMT

Massive underwater volcano found

Empedocles volcano
A huge volcano has been found underwater near Italy, and is bigger than the Italian capital city Rome!

The scientists who found the volcano have named it Empedocles.

He was a famous Greek philosopher who came up with the theory that everything on earth was made up of four elements - earth, fire, air and water.

Luckily for the Italians living near the volcano - which is taller than the Eiffel Tower - it shows no signs of erupting soon.

At the moment the top of the volcano is seven metres below the surface of the sea, but in the past it has been visible above water.

In 1831 Empedocles popped above the water for a while and almost caused a major international incident as lots of countries tried to claim it belonged to them.

Thankfully, it disappeared back below the sea again a few months later.

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