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Last Updated: Thursday June 22 2006 14:30 GMT

Hotseat: The England football team!

England players in training
How would you like to get a message to David Beckham, Wayne Rooney and the rest of the England squad?

The England football team have been so focused on getting things right in Germany that they've lost touch with what's been going on at home.

That means they've no idea how much people in England have been getting behind the team, or how many flags have been flying in support.

So to catch up, they're going to take part in a special programme on the BBC's News 24 channel called World Cup Sportsday on BBC News 24.

The show is being broadcast at 6.30pm on Thursday 22nd June.

Thank you for all your comments and message for Sven's men in Germany.

We've published some below and passed the best ones onto the boys hoping to bring the World Cup home!

Your comments

I've been screaming my head off and crying my eyes out. I want you to come home with that trophy!
Hayden, 12, Guildford

Hi England team, I hope you win and I would like to ask what does it feel like being out on that pitch?
Alice, 9, Wigan

Which team do you think is going to be the hardest to beat and why?
Sophie, 10, Stafford

Come on boys! We all know you can take us all the way. You are all proper heroes.
Rachael, 12, Hanworth

Come on England, you played well against Sweden but you need to be stronger if your going to bring it home!
Bethany, 11, Rochdale

Try your best to make Owen feel better for the next England match.
Liam, 11, Leeds

What is Sven thinking leaving Theo on the bench? What does Sven say to the players at half time?
Bob, 10, London

I really wish you guys all the best for the World Cup and I hope you get though to the finals. it's a shame Owen is not playing, he is really good but it's great that Rooney is back on the pitch!
Sarah, 14, Derby

Hi boys, I'm not English but I still support England because I have hope that you lot can win it for ENGLAND!
Ted, 11, Armitage

Just want to say we are behind you no matter what happens. We have always believed in you, so good luck and we all love you!
Cerianne, 15, Manchester

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