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Last Updated: Thursday June 22 2006 17:35 GMT

BBC bosses to axe Top of the Pops

Top of the Pops presenter Fearne Cotton
Top of the Pops is being axed by the BBC after 42 years of bringing top chart tunes to television viewers, the BBC has confirmed.

The music show had as many 19m viewers when it was at its most popular, but now as few as 1m people are watching it on Sunday evenings.

The show moved from BBC1 to BBC2 in 2005, but the channel swap has not been able to save the show.

The last ever Top of the Pops will be broadcast on 30 July this year.

Top of the Pops facts
There have been nine different Top of the Pops theme tunes and seven different Top of the Pops logos
Take That made 43 appearances during their career
The record for the most people on stage goes to Fat Les when they had 75 people on stage to perform Jerusalem
Audiences have stormed the stage five times: during songs by Nirvana, Backstreet Boys, Symposium, Oasis and Limp Bizkit
In 2003 BBC bosses tried to make the show more popular in a relaunch, calling the show All New Top of the Pops, but that didn't work.

The audience stayed the same at three million viewers despite the changes, less than half the audience it had 10 years before.

The BBC director of television Jana Bennett said competition from TV music channels and the internet, that let music fans listen to the type of music they like whenever they want had a big effect.

She added that is something Top of the Pops cannot compete with as a weekly show.

Roly Keating, Contoller, BBC TWO added: "I've really enjoyed the last year that Top of the Pops has transmitted on BBC TWO and the team did a stirling job in revitalising the format for our audience, but we all recognise that the time has come to move on."

But will you miss it? Did you ever watch TOTP? Or do you watch music somewhere else? Do you care about the Top 40 or even know what's number one?

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Your comments

I won't really miss Top of the Pops as I didn't really watch it. It was all the same type of music and you couldn't listen to American singers much.
Siobhan, 11, Leeds

Top of the Pops has no good music on now, it's all rap and R'n'B. We need a more varied option. I loved Top of the Pops Reloaded though, I think that was a lot better.
Lauren, 13, Groby

I used to like it when Top of the Pops was on a Friday but when it moved to Sunday I didn't watch it. anymore
Jessie, 13, Newcastle

I think it's really unfair because it's basically the only live music show and it gives you a taster of the pop world. I really couldn't imagine life without the charts, could you?
Alidi, 10, Bristol

I can't believe that Top of the Tops is being taken off the TV. I love watching the show and I am going to really miss it!
Trishna, 12, Newcastle

It's a shame they've decided to stop the show. I loved watching all my favourite bands performing on TOTP!
Lina, 14, London

That is really not fair! I've only started watching it again and it doesn't matter how many people watch it, as long as there is people watching it. I'm going to miss it now, as Sunday was my favourite day!
Shahina, 14, Oldham

I won't really miss Top of the Pops. It was really boring anyway!
John, 10, Newcastle

I will miss it a little bit because it had some really great acts.
Crissy, 12, Basingstoke

I'm really annoyed about it, because I love the show and I always look forward to Sundays just because TOT of the Pops is on!
Tim, 14, Newcastle

I think this is really stupid! I love TOTP and it should not be taken off!
Kaitlin, 12, Manchester

I used to love Top of the Pops when I was younger and I would get home on time just to watch it. Now, I hardly ever watch it! it is quite boring and if I want to listen to music it's so much easier to go on the internet!
Rhianna, 12, London

A few years ago it was great but then it went bad. I preferred Top of the Pops Reloaded on CBBC, but it's still a shame it's going, it's a classic! Then again, in a few years time, they might bring it back just like Doctor Who!
Elena, 14, London

The music on TOTP is always the same, RnB and pop. there is never any real rock or punk. I know that TOTP was more about charts, but we need some more heavy metal in the charts!
Cat, 14, London

Top of the Pops is a cult classic. It's a shame it's going.
Chris, 14, Ipswich

I didn't like the show so I think getting rid of it will make room for better shows.
Gemma, 11, Limavady

Don't go, I love the programme
Hannah, 10, Wales

I think they should change the date back to Friday nights, then most people would watch it again!
Ryan, 10, Torquay

I didn't really watch it as much as I used to, but I will miss it because it's just something that has been around for ages and it will be sad when it's gone!
Ripha, 15, London

They shouldn't axe it because it's a good way to keep us on track of what new music there is. I think it's a bad idea to get rid of it.
Julie, 13, Birmingham

I really don't want TOTP to go, it's the best show ever!
Em, 10, Wokingham

I am very upset because Top of the Pops was really good and I always looked forward to it every Sunday!
Tulsi, 12, Walsall

I think TOTP was going ok but I knew it would end because all they seemed to have on was Gnarls Barkley! I soooo get fed up of it! I'm not happy that there won't be anymore top 40 on TV though.
Mehak, 13, Manchester

I used to really like Top of the Pops when I was younger but then they changed it all and it became absolute rubbish!
Beth, 15, Scotland

To be honest, I'm not surprised that TOTP is going. It has had a good long run. It's been nice knowing it but if they want it to keep going, they should put it at a better time, when things like The Simpsons and Top Gear are on, and not when I'm usually doing homework!
Kevin, 12, Swindon

I never really watched it because I don't like modern bands - I think music's gone downhill. I also found out that singers mime on the show.
Lowri, 15, Devon

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