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Last Updated: Friday June 23 2006 17:26 GMT

Is packaging a waste of space?

A shopping basket full of food
Supermarkets are being urged to cut down on the amount of packaging on their products.

A new campaign reckons that some of the packaging on food is "unnecessary" and not good for the environment.

So, what do you think about food packaging?

Perhaps you like your food to be nicely wrapped so you know it's clean?

Or maybe you're fed up with how quickly your bins get full up with cardboard and plastic?

Would you like to see supermarkets use less packaging to cut down on waste?

Should more packaging be made of recyclable material?

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Your comments

Just because it is all wrapped up, doesn't mean it's clean. Also it's not just supermarkets, you could easily cut down on toy packaging too.
Katherine, 10, Sandleheath

I think packaging stops delicate food from being damaged and it keep microbes from rotting it quicker. So far, all the packaging I've seen is recyclable!
Lydia, 11, Fordingbridge

They shouldn't use so many wrappers on things but you also don't want no wrapping as everyone is touching the food!
Charlotte, 10, Didcot

What is the point? You can pack things from most supermarkets without the plastic and just so you know its clean, you wash it (which you do anyway with things wrapped in packaging!).
Chloe, 13, Telford

Some packaging is a waste of space as sometimes, when I open a packet of food, there is loads of excess space left over and it's just plain annoying.
Alex, 13, Maldon

I think that packaging is a waste. I live near shops and there is always loads of rubbish that could be easily recycled!
Tasha, 12, Dorking

I think that it is wrong because the food must be more expensive due to the amount of unnecessary packaging!
Lydia, 11, Fordingbridge

Well, packaging is important to keep food fresh and hygienic. But we don't need too much so I think shops should set an example by using more recyclable packaging.
Laura, 15, Devon

I think that they should always make the packaging the same size as the product.
Jack, 8, Wisbech

I think that in a way it is useful because it keeps your food fresh and germ free.
Andi, 11, Fordingbridge

In a way all the packaging is good because it keeps the food fresh and healthy but in a way it's not because most packaging is a by-product which effects the environment.
Rosie, 13, Petersfield

I believe packaging is a waste of space but sometimes it does make life a lot easier.
Aaron, 13, Bournemouth

I think that they should use more recyclable materials because everyone should help save the environment. I think that less packaging should be used.
Evelyn, 11, Fordingbridge

I don't think it's just supermarkets. During Christmas time we managed to fill five bin bags full of toy packaging and not all of them were recyclable. I also think they should use less packaging on toys too!
Millie, 11, Fordingbridge

Well, people do touch food and when they decide not to have it, they just put it back!
Candice, 11, USA

I think some products are over packaged. I also think it's useless to package fresh fruits and vegetables. A waste of plastic in my opinion, that's why you wash stuff off before you eat it!
Hannah, 12, USA

So many supermarkets use an awful amount of packaging that isn't even needed. They should use bio-degradable bags more. And why do bananas need to have packaging? Some places don't but I've seen them packaged in many supermarkets! People peal them before eating, so it's not as if they're going to get dirty!
Caroline, 13

I think packaging is good, it keeps food free from bacteria and I think supermarkets are using it sensibly.
Zahara, 14, London

I think we should use more paper packaging as it's easier to recycle and only meat should be wrapped in plastic.
Sapphire, 10, Fordingbridge

I think that they should be packed to avoid other people's germs. However, I think they should use recyclable materials.
Ben, 11, Fordingbridge

I think that packaging is a good to attract customers but it should be used out of recycled materials
Lance, 11, Fordingbridge

I think we should get rid of packaging!
Max, 11, Fordingbridge

I think it's unnecessary and it's bad for the environment.
Katie, 12, Lurgan

Of course packaging is a waste of space! Look at what it's doing to our environment. I thought this was a well known fact!
Beth, 15, Scotland

I wouldn't mind buying unpackaged food. I get really annoyed because the pizza I buy in my local supermarket have plastic base instead of cardboard.
Berry, 11

I think that they should use some packaging but a lot less. Some supermarkets sell grapes in neat packaging to taste nice but grapes from the market which are not packaged also taste as yummy!
Mehreen, 13, Bradford

Some food packaging is necessary because it keeps food fresh. However, I don't think that excessive packaging is good. More recyclable packaging should be used.
Janice, 14, Stortfords

Plastic on food is not recyclable and clogs up landfills and takes hundreds of years to rot away. I think all fruits and vegetables should be sold loose.
Loyd, 13, Grimsby

Maybe they could use less packaging but not cut it out all together. Most fresh food is usually not packaged anyway.
Evie, 11, Edinburgh

I think recycling is pointless when nothing is being done about limiting the amount of packaging manufacturers use. The government should encourage companies to be less wasteful.
Chantal, 15, Sevenoaks

It's also waste of vital resources. It's ridiculous that some products are packaged as well as wrapped individually. How pathetic and unnecessary!
Ramsha, 15, Ilford

Instead of charging for carrier bags, why don't they have a limit as to how many you can have, because shopping is expensive enough as it is!
David, 14, Cardiff

I think there is a bit too much plastic wraps. It kind of gets to the extreme.
Liv, 12, USA

NO, packaging keeps flies off the food!
Hanna, 10, Wales

No, I think they are really pretty! They also keep the food clean.
Michelle, 7, Fife

I think that supermarkets should reduce packaging but NOT if it means the food is not properly protected. They should not charge people for plastic bags because most people recycle them. I do think that supermarkets should be more concerned about recycling and should really set an example!
Jess, 15

I don't think it's a waste of space. If we just recycle and dispose of it properly then it won't be much of a problem. It is more hygienic as less dirt or insects can get on the food!
Alice, 14, Omagh

I think supermarkets should think harder about our environment and not use so much wrapping on food.
Jacob, 10, Newcastle

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