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Last Updated: Monday June 19 2006 13:48 GMT

Brainwave saves Blue Peter badge

Blue Peter presenters

A brainwave by a Blue Peter viewer has led to a new system of giving out the show's badges after it turned out they were being sold online.

Badge-winners get free entry to 200 attractions, but this was put on hold after the online scam was rumbled.

BP viewer Helen Jennings, 11, suggested that a card was issued with each badge to make sure the benefits were being taken up by the person who earned them.

Now the system is being put in place and the badges are back for good.

Types of BP badges
Blue: For interesting letters, good ideas, stories, poems, pictures and for having appeared on the programme
Silver: For doing something different from what you did to win your blue badge. If you won a blue for a letter, you could win a silver for a picture or poem
Green: For letters and pictures with a conservation theme
Gold: For outstanding achievements - like saving somebody's life
Competition: For winners of BP competitions

Previous badge-winners need to fill out a form on the BP website so their details can be checked. They will then be sent a card in the post, which could take up to 28 days.

Helen has been rewarded for her efforts with a silver badge.

BP has also announced the launch of a new purple badge being introduced in September.

Purple badges are only for children who have been selected to be Blue Peter Team Players. To win a purple badge you must review an episode of Blue Peter.

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