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Last Updated: Tuesday June 20 2006 10:30 GMT

How are you keeping cool?

Children on a beach

Sunny spells and hot temperatures have hit parts of the UK over the last few days, with the record temperatures in London on Monday.

But weird weather patterns mean loads of places have also had thunderstorms and torrential rain brought on by the hot weather.

So we want to know how you're keeping cool?

Perhaps you and your friends have been living on ice lollies?

Maybe you spent most of the weekend on the beach or in your back garden?

Or has it been so hot that you'd just wanted to stay inside?

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Your comments

I always keep covered so I don't get sunburnt and make sure I drink enough water.

Ami, 13, Chudleigh

I keep cool by drinking lots of water and having lots of ice lollies! Also sitting in the shade and chilling and I love to go in my friend's swimming pool as it is so cool!

Georgia, 10, Rugby

I keep cool by getting slush puppies and ice cream. Also by wearing thin clothes to school but it's really unfair for the boys as they're only allowed trousers!

Lorz, 12, Littlehampton

I think schools should have more air conditioning in all classrooms and students should be allowed to have a drink of water at any time to help them keep cool.

Zach, 13, Ashford

I stay in the shade and drink more than I normally would. I also have cold showers to cool down and eat lots of ice-cream and salads.

Natasha, 14, Liverpool

Drink lots of water so you don't dehydrate. I really like hot weather but sometimes it can be to much to cope with.

Zainab, 12, Lewisham

I have big problems trying to keep cool as our school has big rules about school uniform and drinks so we just have to stick out the heat until the end of the day!

Jess, 14, Stockport

I love the hot, sunny weather as we can go too the beach all the time. That is where me and my friends spend much of our time after school. Sunshine is so much better than when it rains!

Ellie, 14, USA

I think it's really hard to keep cool. I'd like to get the pool out but there's an extremely annoying hosepipe ban on!

Izzy, 14, Chichester

I put on sun cream and I just drink loads. I am always fine in the sun!

Callum, 13, Pitlochry

It doesn't seem that logical but drinking hot tea and coffee cools you down. It raises your body temperature and drinking anything is good!

Alix, 13, London

To keep cool I'm sitting in the shade of a tree in our garden and I keep having cool showers.

Anastasia, 11, London

I keep cool by drinking lots, sitting in the shade and wearing shorts and a thin t-shirt.

Abigail, 12, Manchester

My mum cut all my hair off yesterday and so now I'm sunburned all over! She says cold showers are the best way to keep cool though.

Bod, 10, Bargoed

I'm keeping cool by swimming. I love to swim!

Joe, 13, USA

I keep cool by sitting in the shade in my garden. Also I have a fan with a radio and light on it from the pound shop - bargain!

Emily, 14, Dorset

I keep cool by taking a drink of water and a mini pocket fan.

Samantha, 12, Moreton

I wear shorts all the time and eat and drink cool stuff like ice creams!

Henry, 13, France

I drink lots of water and stay in the shade.

Melissa, 13, Stratford

I put frozen peas on my feet!

Shafeeq, 14, London

We are eating loads of ice-creams because they're yummy and cool! We also freeze the water in our bottles to keep cool at school - this is a handy tip!

Katherine & Lauren, 15, Barton

I live in Arizona, one of the hottest states in America. This summer, we've already seen temperatures of 112 degrees! Almost everyone has permanent swimming pools to use and keep cool in!

Meghan, 14, USA

I shaved my hair off on Saturday - that's a good way to cool down!

Owen, 11, Cardiff

It totally sucks that we have a hosepipe ban as that is a good way to cool down!

Daniel, 14, Upminister

I use a fan on highest power. And I hate our PE lessons and everyone is really annoyed as we had to run the 3200m in the boiling sun!

Mark, 13, London

I live in Texas and today it reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit! It gets really hot but I've lived here for a while so I love warm, sunny weather.

Theresa, 14, USA

It hasn't really got hot enough for me to be eating ice lollies yet, but that's how I cool down and I wear thin, cool clothes like t-shirts and skirts.

Natasha, 14, Liverpool

Every day me and my friends buy an ice-pop from the ice-cream parlour after school. We also had a storm and loads of rain but it was even hotter then than when it was sunny!

Katlyn, 14, Timberland

I don't know how to keep cool! In Scotland it's not meant to be so hot but it's been roasting the past few days! I'm trying to keep cool but just not working!

Bettina, 13, Glasgow

On Friday my school had a sponsored run for HeartBeat Wales and a boy in my class fainted because it was so hot!

Eve, 12, Llandudno

It was my birthday on Monday but I was stuck in school all day and I never got to see the sun apart from out the window!

Emma, 12, Oxon

We would have water fights but we then we get detentions so instead we drink loads of water!

Claire, 12, Norfolk

Well at rounders after school my PE teacher squirts water at us if we moan that we're too hot!

Emzie, 14, Yorkshire

I sit right next to the fan with an ice cold drink. Bliss!

Amelia, 12, Salisbury

I have had loads of ice. I'm addicted and it's good for you and it keeps you cool!

Rachael, 13, Caerphilly

It's not very hot here in Michigan. But when the temperature does spike up, I go swimming or stay inside with the air conditioning and read.

Hailey, 11, USA

I just put the fan on and relax!

Hafsa, 12, Ilford

It's really hot here in Spain. When I go to school I take a bottle of water and wear summer clothes so I don't get so hot.

Mollie, 13, Spain

The best way to stay cool in summer is by enjoying a big cold ice cream!

Elise, 13, Bedford

Water fights! We have been having loads of water fights at school.

Zara, 13, London

I hate this hot weather! At our school, we have to wear blazers and tuck our shirts in all the time.

Ashie, 13, Liverpool

It has suddenly become really hot. I drunk lots of water and chilled drinks over the last few days. I have a huge fan in my bedroom and I don't think I could live without it.

Megan, 13

Instead of covering up with a thick duvet at night, I just use a bed sheet and I make sure I drink plenty of water.

Char, 13, Middlesex

I keep cool by wearing a hat and taking water to school everyday.

Almas, 11, London

I tried to stay indoors and also tried to only wear white. Bring back the Winter!

Sally, 14, Leeds

My sister and me were supposed to water the garden but instead we had a water fight.

Thahiya, 12, Glasgow

I drink loads of water and stay in the shade as long as possible if there is any. But today when I was in my P.E lesson it rained, so I think most of us were quite pleased with cool weather. It's been too hot to concentrate on our lessons recently!

Rosie, Petersfield

I don't want to keep cool. I love the warm weather and wish it would stay!

Ellie, 13, Leeds

We all had water fights and it was really refreshing!

Leanne, 12, Nottingham

We bought a swimming pool and filled it with freezing water, it was such a relief from the blistering heat.

Alex, 11, Stockport

I got too hot in the night so I went and stuck my head out of my bedroom window.

Jemily, Leicester

I went down the beach on Saturday on my bike with my friend. There were lots of people there. We haven't had storms, it might be to do with it cooling down.

Angharad, 15, Wales

It was really hot this weekend so we had a BBQ in our back garden. But last night it was so hot there were thunderstorms and rain which has kept us cool!

Chris, 9, Dorking