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Last Updated: Tuesday June 13 2006 11:48 GMT

Thunderstorms interrupt heatwave

Teenagers swelter in the London heat

Thunderstorms brought lightning and rain to much of Britain on Monday, while other parts of the UK basked in sunshine and record temperatures.

In London the temperature soared to 32.3C, making it the hottest day of the year and the hottest 12 June on record for over 100 years.

But the Midlands, the north-east and parts of the south-west were hit by flash floods and torrential rain.

The weird weather was caused by the hot air mixing with a cold patch of air.

A woman gets drenched in rain in Leeds
A woman gets drenched in rain in Leeds

The unusually high temperatures for June were the result of hot humid air from Spain trapped under hot dry air from Africa.

When the cold air hit the hot air, explosive thunderstorms were created.


During the storms several houses were struck by the lightning, but no-one was hurt. Some trains were also cancelled after signals were damaged.

Although Monday was the last really hot day this week, it could well warm up again in England and Wales at the weekend.