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Last Updated: Friday June 09 2006 12:50 GMT

Scorpion found in bunch of grapes

A scorpion
A deadly scorpion found sitting on a kitchen worktop sparked panic at the breakfast table for a family in Wales.

Michelle Smith, 42, was cleaning up after the meal when she spotted the creature motionless on the counter.

At first Mrs Smith thought it was dead but then it raised its tail as if to sting her. She said: "I thought, 'oh my God!' and screamed 'scorpion!"

It's thought the creature probably came into the house in Penarth in a bunch of grapes bought a few days earlier.

Mrs Smith's husband David managed to catch the creature after it tried to run behind the microwave.

Scorpions are arachnids - they have eight legs
They catch prey in the claws
If the prey is big they use the sting in their tail to paralyse it
They can go for months without eatin
Baby scorpions ride on their mother's back when young
She said: "He tried to edge it into a lunch box with a pencil, but it darted away behind the microwave. He eventually managed to scoop it up with a photograph and get it in the box."

Mrs Smith is convinced the creature arrived at her home in a bag of grapes she bought at Tesco.


A spokeswoman for Tesco said they were looking into the incident. She said: "We are sorry for any distress caused to Mrs Smith."

Meanwhile the RSPCA are looking after the scorpion while they try to find out more about it.

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