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Last Updated: Tuesday June 06 2006 07:18 GMT

Young kids 'take on adult duties'

Kid with packed lunch
Children are taking on adult responsibilities at a really young age, according to a study.

It found that kids aged 10 are packing their own lunch boxes, deciding how to spend their cash and selecting the outfits they want to wear.

By the time many kids get to 15, the study showed that many of them are also choosing their own bedtimes.

Around 600 parents with children under 16 were quizzed in the survey by drinks maker Panda.

Nearly half of them said that their kids were choosing their own lunch boxes at 10, 42% were allowing their kids to make their own financial decisions at the same age, and 38% of 10-year-olds were picking their own clothes.

However, most parents didn't let their children out on their own until they hit 14.

Some parents say they want to make their kids more independent, but several experts are worried that children are doing too much too young.

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