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Last Updated: Monday June 05 2006 15:02 GMT

Peter Crouch's robot dance

Peter Crouch

STEP 1: Take a deep breath, be brave and don't worry about people staring at you! Bend forward slightly, lock both elbows at right angles and raise your left arm

Peter Crouch

STEP 2: Straighten your back, then slowly start moving your arms up as if you're trying to lift a heavy object. At the same time begin turning your body to your left.

Peter Crouch

STEP 3: This next step is the classic robot move. With your back straight, keep moving your right arm up, and start sliding your left arm down. By now you will have attracted a small crowd.

Peter Crouch

STEP 4: Now start leaning backwards, but not too far, and keep turning to the left and right . Continue moving your right arm up and your left arm down

Peter Crouch

STEP 5: Finally, push your right arm up until your hand is pointing into the air and move your left arm back a little further. Then keep repeating these steps. The noise you can hear will hopefully be hundreds of hands giving you a round of applause!

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