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Last Updated: Saturday June 03 2006 10:45 GMT

Sportsround meets Sven-Goran Eriksson

England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson

With the World Cup starting in less than a week Sportsround managed to catch up with England boss Sven-Goran Eriksson.

So who will be playing in that first match?, how good is Theo Walcott? and perhaps most importantly, is there a late place for Jake in the squad?

There's one final friendly before the World Cup, against Jamaica. Do you know your starting line-up for the first game against Paraguay?

With only one game left, it's difficult for anyone to come into the starting 11 for the first match.

At this point we know the starting line-up.

And what's that?

You want to know that? In one week's time I will tell you.

Wayne Rooney's injury is the bad news. But lots of top young stars coming through is the good news. What is it about Theo Walcott that you really like?

He is a great talent. A great football talent. He has good technique and his pace is incredible, so that's why he is here.

Maybe he's not ready to start a game, but for sure he's ready for bench and to come in if we need pace in one game, for example.

Aaron Lennon was great against Belarus, and then David Beckham starred against Hungary. Do you think Becks is feeling the pressure a bit?

Yes. They feel the pressure of course, and everyone wants to start a game. In Lennon, once again, you have a young talent and it's good to have him in the squad.

Maybe he will not start the first game, but you never know during the tournament.

And from the bench maybe he can come in and change a game.

Jake and Sven
Jake tries to convince Sven he's the man to pick up front

Having made the quarter-finals in the last two tournaments, is this time to take it TWO steps forward?

It would be very nice.

I think we have a better chance this time than we had two years' ago in Portugal and four years' ago in Japan.

The balance in the team is very good if you talk about experienced players and young players.

Many of the players have been in these big tournaments before and that is a great advantage.

Quickly Sven, if there are any problems with Peter Crouch, I'm 6ft 4 and I'm in Germany for Sportsround and available. I could play up front with Michael Owen.

And you are a centre-forward?

Yeah, I can play centre-forward.

And are you left-footed or right-footed?


Oh very good, very good.

Check out Sportsround in weeks to come for more from Jake's interview with Sven.

Sportsround will be reporting from Germany throughout the World Cup, every Saturday on BBC2 at 11.45am. Sadly, Jake will be fat too busy to partner Michael Owen up front for England. Sorry Jake!

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