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Last Updated: Friday June 02 2006 10:58 GMT

Hamster survives shredder terror

Liam Bull, 10, with Mike the hamster
A hamster has had an amazing escape after surviving a hazardous journey through a huge recycling shredder.

The tiny creature passed along a conveyor belt, dodging the blades of an industrial-sized shredder used to chop up cookers and washing machines.

The animal then survived being spun in a drum and shaken across vibrating grids before being rescued by shocked staff in the sorting area.

The hamster, which has been named Mike, was unharmed apart from a sore foot.

He has now been adopted by 10-year-old Liam Bull, whose dad Craig works in the Recyclo plant in Sandycroft.

Liam said: "I can't believe he's still alive after what happened, but he's doing fine now."

Lucky escape

The rodent is thought to have got into rubbish which ended up at a recycling plant in Flintshire, Wales.

The plant's general manager, Tony Williams, said: "It seems that the hamster was small enough to pass through the blades of the shredder, but big enough to pass along the trammel [grid] without falling through.

"We don't get very much animal activity here, but we're delighted Mike survived and is now being cared for."

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