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Last Updated: Friday June 02 2006 09:51 GMT

Lizo reviews the next Doctor Who

Dr Who
Every week our biggest Doctor Who fan Lizo will be bringing you his verdict on the week's episode of Doctor Who before it's even hit your screens!

Here's what he thought of the eighth episode from the second series: The Impossible Planet.

This two-parter gives us our first look at a totally new planet since Dr Who came back last year.

The planet in question doesn't have name and the episode refers to it as The Impossible Planet as it's stuck near a black hole, but isn't pulled in like everything else.

Going wrong

The Doctor and Rose arrive on a base on its surface, just as things are going seriously wrong. The alien servants there - the Ood - are acting strangely, but not as strangely as some of the crew.

This is a seriously scary episode featuring a growing menace, there are lots of shocks and it leaves us on a great cliff-hanger.

It's probably my second favourite episode of the series so far (only narrowly beaten by Girl in the Fireplace). There's a lot of humour in this one too - Billie's first line of the episode is a classic.

Great gag

And there's a great gag from the Doctor towards the end.

Presumably one of the reasons we haven't featured alien planets before is the relatively cheap cost of filming earthbound episodes.

This story certainly doesn't seem any cheaper than others, and in fact the effects are some of the best seen so far, especially when The Doctor embarks on a dangerous voyage late in the episode.

What will fans enjoy? Well, there's a little bit of info about the origins of the Tardis, but the best thing by far is the tenderness between The Doctor and Rose.

This episode shows another dimension to their relationship and demonstrates how close they've become over the past 18 months.

Great stuff. Four out of five.

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