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Last Updated: Thursday June 01 2006 15:13 GMT

'Hobbits' smarter than we thought

A hobbit (left) skull compared with a human skull
A tiny species of human that lived in Indonesia until at least 12,000 years ago was cleverer than scientists had originally thought.

Researchers have found sharpened flints on the Indonesian island of Flores where the hobbit-like human lived.

The discovery proves the 'hobbit' was smart enough to make stone tools despite having a small brain in its tiny head on its 1m-tall body.

It's thought to have inherited its tool-making skills from its ancestors.

The 'Hobbit's' bones were originally found in lime caves by Australian archaeologists.

Legends on the island of Flores have included tales of little people for years and some people think some of the 'Hobbits' could still be alive in places where no-one has been.

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