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Last Updated: Saturday May 27 2006 11:31 GMT

New world ice cream eating record

an ice cream display

A cookery student has guzzled his way to victory at the first ever World Ice Cream Eating Championship in America.

Ice cream competitors had to get through as many tubs as possible in eight minutes.

It's not the healthiest pursuit but after much slurping and burping all round, Patrick Bertoletti from Chicago was crowned the winner.

He wolfed down 8.0 litres (1.75gallons) to become the ice cream champion.

Fast food

The event took place at a swanky restaurant and 13 fast food fanatics took part.

Second place went to 'Crazy Legs' Conti who ate 6.8 litres (1.5 gallons).

Conti is a familiar face in the field of competitive eating, having won a hot dog eating competition in Florida