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Last Updated: Friday May 26 2006 17:53 GMT

Rainforests 'still at great risk'

Most of the rainforests in the world are still in a lot of danger, with only 5% of them being treated in a way that will allow them to survive.

Every year 12 million hectares of the forests are cleared for farming and other uses, the International Tropical Timber Organisation report says.

Unless more is done to manage them better, more forests will be lost.

But good news was also in the report, as forests in places like Ghana and Brazil were being treated better.

The report looked at 814m hectares (two billion acres) of forest which were under the control of governments, and found many were under threat from things like logging.

That means chopping down forests for wood.

The report, called the Status of Tropical Forest Management 2005, said lots of countries didn't realise they could get money from their rainforests without destroying them.

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