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Last Updated: Friday May 26 2006 16:56 GMT

Chicken Little animator chats to NR

Chicken Little
Disney animator Mark Austin worked on Chicken Little. He has given NR this exclusive interview to tie in with the release of the film on DVD.

If you're a budding animator and want to get tips from an expert - or are just a fan of the film - then read on!

How did you get started as an animator?

I was always good at art in school and I loved cartoons, but I didn't ever think I'd get to be an animator one day.

For my college degree I made a 10 minute film which was shown one evening on BBC2.

I guess somebody liked it as not long after that I received a postcard asking if I'd like a job making commercials for television.

What other animation related jobs have you had in the past?

When I worked making commercials for television I did a lot of the Tetley Round Tea Bags and Ribena blackberries ads.

I was hired to work for George Lucas in California, where I animated the character Casper in the first movie about the friendly ghost.

I went on to animate the creatures (dewbacks, jawas, rontos, scurriers and even some stormtroopers) in the special edition of Star Wars Episode 4 - A New Hope.

I even got to be Boba Fett in that movie also in the Jabba the Hutt scene they added.

What characters did you animate in Chicken Little?

I animated the characters Foxy Loxy and Goosey Loosey.

What other Disney characters have you animated?

My first was the hero Aladar in Disney's Dinosaur. Then there was Ben the crazy forgetful robot in Treasure Planet.

How long did it take to make the film? How long did you work on it?

A long, long time. It took almost five years to make from beginning to end. I started work in October 2003 and finished in October 2005, so two years.

Which other animated character do you wish you worked on?

I wish I'd animated Stitch just because he's the coolest new character around by far.

Which is your favourite animated film and why?

I would have to say Jungle Book. That movie was always my favourite as a child and I had the story on long playing record (those big black discs we had way before CDs were invented).

I still love to watch Shere Khan the tiger when he pokes his claw into Kaa the snake's nostril!

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