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Last Updated: Tuesday August 01 2006 14:54 GMT

Book Review: Scarlett

Scarlett by Cathy Cassidy.

Cathy Cassidy

Publication date

1 June

The story

Scarlett is in trouble - again!

She's just 12, but since her mum and dad split up, she's become wild. Well, more than wild, she's been kicked out of five schools in two years.

With her tomato ketchup-coloured dyed hair, her pierced tongue and her sulky attitude, her mum is at the end of her tether, so sends Scarlett off to her dad's.

The thing is, that Scarlett's dad doesn't just live down the road. He's moved to rural Ireland with his new partner and her daughter.

Scarlett's determined not to like it in Connemara and kicks up a storm, but a magical boy called Kian on a beautiful black horse helps the troubled youngster see her life another way.

The characters

Scarlett is the main character and although she doesn't always do the right thing, you can really feel for her and she's really likeable.

Her step-sister Holly is nine, with long plaits, a willing smile and welcomes Scarlett into her cottage with a big heart.

Then there's the mystery boy Kian, who appears as if from nowhere, and becomes Scarlett's closest friend, sharing the pleasures of a leisurely Irish summer together.


The book starts straight in the action. Scarlett is in the head teacher's office and she's going to be expelled.

There's also a really exciting but sad part in the middle of the book when Scarlett's step mum has her baby five weeks early.

Any weak bits?

This is a really strong book and it's also easy to read. It might be sad at times but that's because you get into the characters.


Scarlett is the sort of book that once you start reading it, you don't want to put it down. And when you finish it, you really want to read Cathy Cassidy's other books.

NR rating:

NR rating: Four out of five

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Your comments

This book was great! Cathy Cassidy is the next Jacqueline Wilson!
Casey, 12, Kirkby

I loved this book, I read it in a day! My favourite of Cathy Cassidy's books though is Driftwood, I couldn't put it down!
Laura, 13

I read this book and I have to say that it's one of the best books I have ever read! Scarlett is a really good character and it's great to see how she changes.
Rhianna, 12, London

I got this book on the release date and have already read it. Cathy Cassidy is a good author, and I like her other books: Dizzy, Indigo Blue and Driftwood. Scarlett is a really lively and interesting story. It has some weak bits where Scarlett can get a bit annoying but overall it is one of her better stories.
Eve, 11, Normanton

I loved the book. Scarlett is just like me and it was a very exciting book. Great story!
Beth, 13

I read this book and I have to say that it's one of the best books I have ever read! Scarlett is a really good character and it's great to see how she changes.
Rhianna, 12, London

I read this book in a day! The story is full of twists and turns. It's worth a read.
Orla, 13, Mallow

Scarlett is very cheeky but she can also be nice if she wants to. The book is good and exciting.
Eden, 12, Bedworth

I loved this book. It was everything I wanted it to be.
Cressie, 10, Glasgow

The story is good and very colourful and I also like the author.
Natasha, 9, Norwich

I love Cathy Cassidy, and Scarlett is the best book so far. I like the relationship between Scarlett and Kian. It's a brilliant book!
Kayleigh, 11

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