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Last Updated: Monday June 19 2006 15:21 GMT

DVD review: Chicken Little

Chicken Little.

Release date

22 May (Cert U)

The stars

Chicken Little is the star of the show, the small bird with the large personality.

His friends are the unpopular kids at school who don't quite fit in but are true pals who support each other through thick and thin.

There's Abby Mallard, the original ugly duckling, Runt of the Litter, who's an overweight piglet, and Fish Out of Water, who is exactly what his name implies!

The plot

Taken from the much-loved kids' story of Chicken Little, this is the story of the feathered bird who cries wolf because he thinks the sky is falling in on him.

It's a year after Chicken Little's foul slip-up and he's trying to earn back the respect of the school, the town and especially his dad.

Chicken Little wings his way to victory on the baseball pitch, but then something unbelievable happens - the sky actually does crashing down!

The sky turns out to be an alien invasion - and now Chicken Little has to persuade everyone to listen to him, before it's too late.

Best bits

Chicken Little gets into lots of scrapes, but one of the funniest parts of the film is the school game of Dodgeball, with the popular kids against the unpopular. It's fast, furious and very funny.

The end is also cool, with spaceships zooming all over the place and the town folk of Oakey Oaks frantically trying to defend themselves from the millions of aliens appearing from the sky.

Fave characters

Chicken Little will win your heart with his earnest efforts to regain his reputation and make his dad proud of him.

Abby is a good sidekick and the alien baby is cute and fluffy!

Any weak bits?

Some of Chicken Little's friends are not immediately lovable. It takes a little while to warm to Runt of the Litter and Fish Out of Water.

DVD extras

There's a selection of alternate openings, which is really interesting, plus there's loads of documentary bits about the making of the film.

You can enjoy a couple of music videos, including great karaoke and sing-a-long extras.

There's only one game though, Where's Fish?, which combines trivia questions with a treasure hunt-type of game, which is a bit disappointing.

Hit or miss?

This is a good sound DVD choice which is sure to be a hit with kids of all ages, even if it's not the most inspirational film ever made.

The extras are a little bit disappointing, given how good the film is.

NR rating:


NR rating: four out of five


NR rating: two out of five

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Your Comments

It was alright but the story isn't great - I've seen better films.
Hannah, 11, Surrey

This film is nerve-wracking, brilliant and full of adventure. I hope they make a sequel.
Tom, 9, Highworth

The film's about a cute chicken who enters a rugby competition and wins.
Lauren, 10, Burnley

I think the point of Chicken Little was to show that size doesn't matter.
Dean, 11, Saltcoats

I think Chicken Little was quite funny but slightly young for me at times.
Eleanor, 11, Birmingham

Chicken Little is really funny and humorous. You'll love it!
Megan, 10, Liverpool

Fantastic movie. Good written jokes and funny characters!
Max, 13, Stratford

I didn't like this film. It was a bit funny but also very silly and childish.
Liam, 11, Treorchy

I think it was very good because it's funny.
Honey, 9, Cambridge

I liked Chicken Little and the DVD is one of my favourites.
Jay, 10, St Helens