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Last Updated: Tuesday May 30 2006 10:24 GMT

Do you spoil your pets?

Pampered pooch
A fifth of pet owners feed their dogs a better diet than they eat themselves, according to a survey.

Cheese, fish and vegetables are some of the foods owners are feeding their pampered pets.

So do you spoil your pets? Maybe you feed your cat fresh fish every day?

Does your dog have a posh collar or nice outfits?!

Or maybe your rabbit has a fur-lined hutch?

E-mail and tell us about your pet.

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Your comments

Anjali's rabbit Boing Boing
Anjali's rabbit Boing Boing

This is a picture of my rabbit Boing Boing enjoying the sun she is 7 months old. She is a fussy eater. I spoil her soo much that when I get angry at her I have to hug her straight away, I can never be angry at her. I feed her mint leaves, grapes, mangos and strawberries and lots of other sweet things but not always. I love Boing Boing to bits.
Anjali, 12, Luxembourg

My brother's friend spoils his pet Sam the dog with wonderful gifts and presents!
Sonali, 15, New Zealand

No, I don't spoil my pets.
Declan, 7

Our dog Isis has what he wants, when he wants! Our cats will not share a bed once they are on it and all of our pets have diamante collars. They are so spoilt!
Andie, 12, Liverpool

I've got two gerbils and I give them loads of yoghurt and chocolate drops and locust bean treats but I don't think they eat better then me!
Rosie, 12, Swansea

Yes, I spoil my pets a lot as they mean the world to me!
Roxanne, 12, Bury St Edmunds

I can't really spoil my pet because it is a fish and all they do is swim around their tank.
Samantha, 12, Moreton

No way man! If my pets are good they get a treat but if they are bad then they don't... simple as that!
Rowena, 12, Chesterfield

Angharad from Wales doesn't spoil her cat Fizzle
Angharad from Wales doesn't spoil her cat Fizzle. The cat may be fussy, but she still loves him for being so cute!

My two dogs Max and Patrick get treats about once a week as too much for them makes them sick. They have their own furry bed too. I think that you can afford to give your pets a little treat now and then but not too often!
Darren, 11, Holywood

I spoil my dog with doggie choccie he loves it and we also treat him with all the love and attention he needs because he was treated really bad before we got him.
Steph, 12, Lancashire

I've got two gerbils and I give them loads of yoghurt and chocolate drops and locust bean treats but I don't think they eat better then me!
Rosie, 12, Swansea

I give my cat marmite or tuna fish sometimes as a treat!
Karen, Wokingham

I feed my dogs chocolate, crisps and sweets when they're good!
Toni, 14, Widnes

My mum gives my dog Sam a drink of tea every morning and sometimes my dad does too. I give him bits of toast and pizza crusts!
Hannah, 11, Ballymena

I think spoiling your pets diet is wrong as they could get ill from eating so much human food. I just give my cat lots of love and attention and the food that cats should get.
Rhianon, 13, Bristol

My dog is so spoilt he even has his own clothes!
Tasha, 12, Sheffield

I always give my cat little treats as he is so wonderful and sweet but I will have to stop soon as he will get fat!
Emily, 15, Blackpool

My dog's favourite treat is a raw carrot!
Charlie, 12, London

Oh, definitely! My two cats deserve it, they were both treated badly as kittens, poor things.
Amelia, 12, Salisbury

I spoil my cats with my love! I work at a kennels and we got this red setter in who was 'vegetarian'. We had to fry it quorn sausages and eggs. Please don't ask, we decided not to!
Jules, 15, Sheffield

If I ever get a dog when I grow up, I'm going to spoil it soooo much!
Rayka, 14, London

We give our pet chicken from Waitrose and he eats chocolate but he isn't fat!
Jamie, 11, London

Not really. Only for special occasions like their birthday and Christmas and also Easter.
Dionne, 13, Blackpool

I spoil my dogs so much! They are definitely worth it!
Josephine, 12, London

My dog isn't spoilt at all. My Mum hates him and tells him off all the time and so I have to look after him. He's my best mate!
Sophie, 15, Staffordshire

I give my rabbit mint leaves!!! Spoilt or what?
Jasmine, 13, Cardiff

I do spoil my pet and this has made her quite obese, and now the vet says that she has to go on a diet so she doesn't get diabetes but when she does lose the weight I will be so proud of her.
Gemma, 11, Aylesbury

Char's cat Jess
Char's cat Jess

I spoil my three cats Jess, Max and Amber with love and care. Sometimes we give them the leftovers of our Christmas dinner or some turkey slices.
Char, 13, Edgware

My dog Pippin (a westie) is definitely spoiled rotten. I can't resist his wee eyes!
Hannah, 12, Portadown

I spoil my chickens with leftovers everyday. Every so often my cats and dog will get a treat like ham. My rabbit gets a treat of mint leaves.
Tiffany, 15, Poole

Giving your pets treats is alright but definitely not on a regular basis because 1 in 4 pets are either obese or overweight causing them to suffer extreme pain and you will be damaging their health.
Hannah, 13, Devon

I am my dogs loyal slave. I feed him (healthy) snacks, bath him with only the best doggy shampoo and put his long hair in bunches. In return, he lets me dress him up in designer dog clothes! His name is Elvis and he is treated like the king.
Leah, 14, Hastings

Yes, my Westie Alfie and two Yorkshire terriers Bill and Boo (real names Tilly and Daisy) are really badly spoilt. Anything I'm eating they're eating too (in secret of course, my mum would go mad) and they can get away with anything cos they're so CUTE.
Jess, 14

I spoil my pet goldfish by feeding them specially cooked and frozen shrimp.
Mickael, 14, Ilford

My dog gets every thing that she wants. Including a bath, walk etc. She even eats at the school and has a new lead and collar every week.
Jessica, 11, Stockport

I always use to spoil my dog!!! He never got fat though! I use to give him lots and lots of attention and lots of treats! shhhh don't tell anyone!
Jobhan, 14, Birmingham

Dani's dog, Shankly
Dani's dog, Shankly

YES! I love my dog so much. And we spoil him a lot because he used to be in a circus and used to get beaten if he didn't perform tricks properly so he had a horrible life so we spoil him to make up for it and I think he deserves it!
Alice, 14, Omagh

I spoil my cats with love, care and respect. They deserve treats every now and then just like humans so we play with them and give them turkey slices.
Char, 13, London

I spoil my pet hamster Phoenix because I worry about if I don't spoil him then I fell I have been neglecting him.
Sophia, 13, Birmingham

I always spoil my pets! Especially my dog Harvey, I like feeding him treats and scratching his ears, he acts like royalty and I am his lowly servant.
Amber, 13, Shrewsbury

Sarah from Sheffield's hamster
Sarah from Sheffield's hamster

I spoil my hamster because I care about her. Everyday, I give her some biscuits as she is a good girl all the time! I love her to bits.
Sarah, Sheffield

The only way I spoil my pets is with love and care but we do give them the odd leftovers from our Christmas dinner!
Charchar, 13, London

I used to have a hamster and every day I used to give it fresh fruit, veg and sunflower seeds.
Rosie, 10, Redhill

My two dogs Willow and Cara sometimes get little leftovers from our dinner and they get dog biscuits after their dinner.
Lauren, 10, Isle of Lewis

My parents spoil our dog so much. They bought it a treadmill so they don't have to take it for walks!
Neil, 10, Lerwick

I think it is silly the way people spoil their pets!
Zahra, 14, London

My mum spoils our Border Collie so much. He has a different collar and lead for everyday and gets fed at the table with the rest of us!
Tom, 9, Attleborough

Leigh's dog Bumpy
Leigh's dog Bumpy

My dog Bumpy is so spoilt - my mum serves up his dinner before I get mine. And he gets roast dinners too! He doesn't eat dog food - he gets better food than me and my dad!
Leigh, 10, Swindon

I feed my hamster Smudge brazil nuts as a special treat.
Adam, 11, Brighton

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