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Last Updated: Wednesday May 24 2006 08:41 GMT

Potter inspires new dinosaur name

The creature's skeleton    Picture: Children's Museum Of Indianapolis
JK Rowling has said she is "absolutely thrilled" that the name of a newly-discovered dinosaur was inspired by her tales of Harry Potter.

The creature, which roamed the Earth 66m years ago, has been named Dracorex hogwartsia - a reference to the school attended by Harry and his wizard pals.

It had a knobbly, spiky head and its remains are on show at the Children's Museum Of Indianapolis in the US.

JK said the "unexpected honour" was a big hit with her dinosaur-mad children.

"I am absolutely thrilled to think that Hogwarts has made a small (claw?) mark upon the fascinating world of dinosaurs," she added.

The dino's skull was discovered in the US state of South Dakota in 2003.


A dinosaur expert said the creature was "a very special dinosaur that seemed at home in a Harry Potter adventure".

He added that the plant-eating creature was about as big as a large horse and its most spectacular feature was his armour-plated head, with spikes, horns and crests.

"I was staring at the skull last summer, and the name just popped into my head - hogwartsia," he said.

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