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Last Updated: Friday May 19 2006 13:31 GMT

Lizo reviews the next Doctor Who

Every week our biggest Doctor Who fan Lizo will be bringing you his verdict on the week's episode of Doctor Who before it's even hit your screens!

Here's what he thought of the sixth episode from the second series: The Age of Steel.

Hello, or Bonjour!

I'm writing this from Paris which, incidentally is where one of my favourite ever Dr Who episodes is set. It's called City of Death and has lots of time travelling shenanigans, quite a few Mona Lisa's and has the Doctor saving the entire human race (again).

But anyway, back to The Age of Steel. Last week's episode didn't have a lot of the Cybermen in it.

No such trouble this time. There are oodles of them, taking over London. The power of this series has been the emotional stories set against the action backdrop. And this one is no exception. We see Rose trying to save Jackie. And we see a truly different side to Mickey, as his story comes to the forefront.


With a story like this, the most important question is - does this episode bring the two-part story to a satisfactory conclusion? And the answer is yes. That said, although the good guys win, it's a bittersweet ending that fans who've followed the series since last year will undoubtedly find moving.

Although the series is only halfway through, lots of you want to know what's planned for the future. Well, creator Russell T Davies is already working on this year's Christmas special. Like last year's Xmas Invasion, Russell says that the next one will again be 'very Christmassy'.


The third series will feature the final message of The Face of Boe, as promised in New Earth. Russell refuses to be drawn on where in the series it will come.

But he does promise that it's 'four words long and very marvellous'. Steven Moffat, one of my favourite writers - he did that one with the kid in the gas mask, and The Girl in The Fireplace - is working on a story for season three which is totally his idea.

Usually Russell gives some suggestions before they start writing, for instance he put forward the idea of clockwork robots and Madame de Pompadour, and Mr Moffatt took it from there.

So that's a story I'm already looking forward to!

In the meantime we've still got seven episodes to go! Au revoir.

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