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Last Updated: Wednesday May 17 2006 11:13 GMT

Quiz: Musical instruments

Person playing a keyboard

Question 1

How many different types of recorder are there in the recorder family?

A: 6
B: 8
C: 9

Question 2

How many keys are there on a standard piano keyboard?

A: 88
B: 62
C: 100

Question 3

What are the four sections within an orchestra?

A: String, Woodwind, Brass, Percussion
B: String, Air, Brass, Percussion
C: String, Woodwind, Band, Percussion

Question 4

Which of these is NOT a wind instrument?

A: Clarinet
B: Harp
C: Garklein

Question 5

What is the name of the wind instrument made by aboriginal Australians?

A: Didjeridoo
B: Shakuhachi
C: Gamelan

Question 6

How many strings does a classical guitar have?

A: 6
B: 5
C: 4

Question 7

Which of these instruments is very popular in Peruvian music?

A: Violin
B: Pan Pipes
C: Flute

Question 8

Which of these is NOT a percussion instrument?

A: Drum
B: Triangle
C: Trumpet

Question 9

What type of instrument is a saxophone?

A: Brass
B: Percussion
C: Woodwind

Question 10

Which of the following forms part of a drum kit?

A: Top Hat
B: High Hat
C: Bowler Hat

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