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Last Updated: Tuesday May 16 2006 14:53 GMT

Tagging for kids on school trips

Kids are set to be kept safe on school trips thanks to special tags.

The number of trips has gone down recently as teachers are worried about pupil safety, and the School Trips Plus service aims to reassure them.

Each pupil is given a tag with a number just for their school on it. If there is a problem on the trip then all the teachers are rung on their mobiles.

Parents can also ring the service, which launches this month, for a message on how the trip is going.

That means that if the trip is running a bit late on the way home teachers can leave a message with the service that parents are able to listen to by ringing up.

Lots of teachers have recently said they are worried about being taken to court if something goes wrong on a trip. It's hoped this system should keep kids a bit safer.

Sophie, aged nine, who tried out the tags, said: "If we keep these tags it'll make our school trips extra safe. If our parents get worried, they could ring up and see how the trip is going."

More than 200 schools have contacted the company behind the scheme to look into setting it up.

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